July 14, 2018 – 1 Peter 2:19

For this is thank worthy, if a man for conscience toward God endure grief, suffering wrongfully.

– 1 Peter 2:19

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

In order to love and satisfy God, even if we are subjected to humiliation, we should speak and act according to conscience, and don’t let God down. This is approved by God, and this was Peter’s pursuit as well as his true experience. He spent his lifetime seeking to love and satisfy God, thus becoming a model of loving God. As to manifestations of Peter, God’s words say, “He was fishing for a living and preaching all over the place. Everyone he preached to was mesmerized by his sermons because what he spoke of was very much in line with the hearts of the common people at that time. People were all deeply moved by his honesty, and he often taught people to deal with others from the heart and to call on the Master of the heavens and earth and all things in everything, and to not ignore their consciences and do those unpresentable things, but to satisfy the God that they love in their hearts in all things.

Obviously, as a person with conscience, Peter relied on his conscience in his conduct and dealings with others. Not only did he himself seek to love God in all things, but he instructed other people to love and satisfy God. This is worthy of our emulation. May God move our hearts so that we are awakened in our spirit, and our conscience can play a role, thus walking on the path of loving God like Peter.

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