July 6, 2018 – Ephesians 5:17 – Seek the Lord’s Will

Why be you not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.

– Ephesians 5:17

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

From this verse we know that only the wise can understand the will of the Lord, because when things befall the wise, they won’t treat them according to their conceptions and imaginations, but seek the will of the Lord at all times, understand the will of the Lord, and do things according to the Lord’s will. This is the man that God approves. But in reality, we easily follow our own desires to treat the people, things, and objects we personally encounter, and are influenced by them. Thus, we neglect to quiet before the Lord and seek His will. As a result, we did not understand the Lord’s will and have done many unwise things, and fell into Satan’s cunning scheme, becoming the unwise. So we should learn to be wise, to seek the will of the Lord in everything. Only by grasping the Lord’s will and demands, and practicing according to His will can we have a God-loving heart and be approved by God. Just as God’s words say: “Loving God requires seeking God’s will in all things, and that you probe deep within when anything happens to you, trying to grasp God’s will, and trying to see what God’s will is in this matter, what He wishes you to achieve, and how you should be mindful of His will.

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