Who Completely Cured the Hepatitis B of My Mother

By Xiangming, Spain

When I was ten years old, my mother got hepatitis B, and the doctor said that it was difficult to be rooted out.

To heal my mother’s illness, my father had taken her to many places from the north to the south to see doctors and she had taken much medicine but her condition didn’t improve at all. Because the virus continuously attacked her hepatocytes, my mother’s liver was seriously damaged. Following it, she got weaker and weaker with a sallow complexion, only being able to do some easy housework. In addition, under the torment of illness, my mother’s temper got very bad and she often flared at something that was not worth mentioning. At that time, because of this, my family was full of my father’s groans and my fear rather than former cheers and laughter.

see doctors in hospital

From the news, I learned that many sufferers having hepatitis B like my mother left the world because their condition deteriorated. Afterward, I knew that in our village, a person, around my mother’s age, also had the same illness as my mother and died in the end due to unsuccessful medical treatment. Thus, when I saw my mom was woebegone because of the torment of illness, I was afraid that she would die sooner or later as her health became grew worse. In those days, whenever I thought of these, I would secretly shed tears under my quilt and often cried out in my heart: Who can save my mom?

When I was seventeen years old, it being a vacation, I returned home from boarding-school. I had been parted from my mother for half a year. When seeing her, I was very surprised that her sallow face had become ruddy and that she was full of energy. What made me more surprised was that she could do heavy work. Besides, she didn’t lose her temper at the slightest matter that didn’t please her anymore. Not only did she become very amiable, but her face was often wreathed in smiles. Even if I did something wrong, she no longer lost her temper, but instead, she talked some sense into me patiently. All the changes I saw from my mother made me very surprised. I wondered: Who on earth had changed her?

Later, my mother told me she had believed in God and that it was God who had healed her illness and changed her with His love.

When hearing these, I dared scarcely believe my ears. Previously, my parents had been to many places almost across the country in order to heal the illness. Although every time they had spent much money and suffered many pains, my mother’s condition never turned better. Out of my expectation, after she believed in God, her illness was healed without treatment. I felt God is really wondrous.

Having seen God’s marvelous grace from the experience of my mother, my father and I also believed in God. As a result, our family was full of cheers and laughter again.

It unknowingly has been ten years up to now, and my mother is still in good health and lives a happy life. Just as the Bible says: “And you shall serve Jehovah your God, and he shall bless your bread, and your water; and I will take sickness away from the middle of you” (Exodus 23:25).

This is the truth. It was God that bestowed my mother with a new life so that she was no longer harmed by illness and her bad temper disappeared. Thus, my father and I no longer worried about her health.

From the experience of my mother, I knew that only God can bestow life on man and change man. It was God that saved my mom and led our family to return to His home to live happily.

Thank God! All the praise, authority and glory be to God! Amen!

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