Little Spider, God’s Great Wisdom

By Mengmeng

On the Internet, I saw an article about spiders: Spiders spin webs to trap insects as their food. Because the cobweb is sticky, once some insects blunder into it, they will be held and unable to get away, thus becoming food for spider. Contrarily, spiders are able to swing from webs when eating insects there, for their legs can secrete a kind of oiliness. Having read these words, I always wondered: How could spiders have this kind of instinct?

Spiders spin webs trap insects

In addition, in order to hatch larvae in a safe and steady environment, a spider can lift a clamshell, based on physical theories, to the height of twenty feet above the ground to make nets in it. It is as if a person raises ten tons of steels to the height of 1600 meters. Ordinary people cannot do it at all without scientific methods. Where do the special function and wisdom of spiders come from? Most people feel very puzzled about it.

Another thing also rather surprised me. According to the report of the head of a weather station, a weather station can forecast the coming typhoon, but it can’t obtain an accurate data if the typhoon changes its path. So, people will be struck by the disaster for they can’t be secured against the coming typhoon timely. However, spiders can exactly predict when the typhoon will come, and then take some prevention measures against it to keep safe in the disasters.

Except those instincts listed above, spiders possess some medical skills as well. Just like another article I have read said: “After being stung on its belly in the fight with a wasp, a spider rolled on the moss. As a result, the pain in its belly disappeared. Inspired by this scene, Hua Tuo—a famous doctor of the Three Kingdoms period in Chinese history—collected a large amount of moss to make a kind of drug for treating bee-toxin. Until now, this remedy is still used.”

I could not help thinking, “Where on earth do spiders’ wits come from? Who bestows these extraordinary and particular instincts on them?” One day, I found the answer in God’s words. I saw these words of God, “All things have a law and limit to their existence, and they each have their own instincts. These are ordained by the Creator, and are unalterable and unsurpassable by any man.” “Each display of His authority is the perfect demonstration of the words from His mouth, and it is demonstrated to all things, and to mankind. What’s more, everything accomplished by His authority is exquisite beyond compare, and utterly flawless. It can be said that His thoughts, His words, His authority, and all the work that He accomplishes are all an incomparably beautiful picture…. The authority by which God rules all things, and the power of God, show all things that God is present everywhere and at all times. … The authority and power of God are unconstrained by time, geography, space, or any person, matter or thing. The breadth of God’s authority and power surpasses the imagination of man; it is unfathomable to man, unimaginable to man, and shall never be completely known by man.

God’s words resolved my confusion. It is God that grants spiders with great wisdom, for God is the source of wisdom. God gives the instinct to survive to spiders, so they know how to spin to catch insects without hurting themselves; with no high technology, they can raise clamshells to the height of twenty feet off the ground to spin webs, thus taking care of their babies with security; how the weather will be is not always predicted accurately by the weather station, but spiders have the natural ability to predict typhoons, and can gain a more accurate result than the instrument in the weather station, so that they can effectively prevent every disaster to better live continually. From these facts, we can learn that when God created spiders, He made a thoughtful plan and design for their living—God is so wise. Also, we can see God’s attitude toward all things is serious and responsible. When He created all things, God bestowed some suitable survival instincts on them. The more I pondered the more I felt God’s loveliness.

And I thought it more: On the matter of how spiders use moss to cure themselves when being stung by wasps, in one regard, they can protect themselves to better survive; in another regard, God secretly guides and enlighten mankind to make moss into good medicine for bee-toxins, and thus we mankind are not afraid of being stung by wasps. From this, we can see that all things that God created are for mankind to gain benefits, and God always cares for mankind secretly. God really has the earnest intention to man.

Seeing these series of deeds that God did on spiders, I could not help but release a sigh from deep within: The Creator’s deeds really are wonderful and unfathomable. Under the authority of God, all things that God created perform their duties, and has their different function. They each have their own rules of survival, and reproduce and multiply generation after generation, which has never changed with time, geography or space. We can see from these facts God’s authority is present everywhere and at all times. Everything bears witness to God’s great power and His miraculous deeds.

Here, I sincerely offer up my praise to God!

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