Job 2:6 Commentary: Satan Doesn’t Dare to Transgress God’s Authority

And the LORD said to Satan, Behold, he is in your hand; but save his life.

- Job 2:6

And the LORD said to Satan, Behold, he is in your hand; but save his life.

– Job 2:6

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

From Jehovah God’s command to Satan, we can see Satan is wicked in the extreme, hoping in vain to harm the life of Job. It can be seen that Satan hates the people that God values and intends to gain to the marrow of its bones and unscrupulously harms them. As Satan is unwilling to see mankind fear God and shun evil, or see God gains people, and it cannot wait to destroy the people who fear God so that God cannot gain people, it is always seeking to compete with God for people’s souls. But God is almighty, and His authority is supreme, so Satan doesn’t dare to transgress God’s authority no matter how evil it is. Those words spoken by God to Satan are actually an order issued to Satan and a display of God’s authority. Just as the word of God says: “Regardless of how ‘powerful’ Satan is, regardless of how audacious and ambitious it is, regardless of how great is its ability to inflict damage, regardless of how wide-ranging are the techniques with which it corrupts and lures man, regardless of how clever are the tricks and schemes with which it intimidates man, regardless of how changeable is the form in which it exists, it has never been able to create a single living thing, has never been able to set down laws or rules for the existence of all things, and has never been able to rule and control any object, whether animate or inanimate. Throughout the vast expanse of the universe, there is not a single person or object that was born from it, or exists because of it; there is not a single person or object that is ruled by it, or controlled by it. On the contrary, it not only has to live under the dominion of God, but, moreover, must obey all of God’s orders and commands. Without God’s permission, it is difficult for Satan to touch even a drop of water or grain of sand upon the land; without God’s permission, Satan is not even free to move the ants about upon the land—let alone mankind, who was created by God. In the eyes of God, Satan is inferior to the lilies on the mountain, to the birds flying in the air, to the fish in the sea, and to the maggots on the earth. Its role among all things is to serve all things, and work for mankind, and serve God’s work and His plan of management. Regardless of how malicious its nature, and how evil its substance, the only thing it can do is to dutifully abide by its function: being of service to God, and providing a counterpoint to God. Such is the essence and position of Satan. Its substance is unconnected to life, unconnected to power, unconnected to authority; it is merely a plaything in God’s hands, just a machine in service to God!” (“God Himself, the Unique I God’s Authority (I)”).

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