Acts 5:39 – Seeking God

But if it be of God, you cannot overthrow it; lest haply you be found even to fight against God.

- Acts 5:39

But if it be of God, you cannot overthrow it; lest haply you be found even to fight against God.

– Acts 5:39

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

This verse is what Gamaliel Jewish teacher of law told to the Jews who judged and resisted the Lord Jesus. His aim was to remind the Jews not to blindly treat the appearance and work of the Lord Jesus. If the way came from God, it was to no avail no matter how they condemned and slandered Him. They could not hinder God’s work, but instead, they paid bitter price for their words and deeds of resisting and condemning God. It is because what they resisted was not a person but God Himself. There was no one who could bear such sins on their behalf. After 2000 years, this verse is still a reminder and warning to us. We are waiting for the Lord’s return. In the matter of treating God’s appearance and work in the last days, we should never be like the Jews at that time, especially those Pharisees who blindly condemned and resisted God when seeing that His work was not in accordance with their notions and imaginations. If we reject, condemn, and resist God’s appearance and work in the last days because of our arrogance and ignorance, we will offend God’s disposition and fall subject to God’s chastisement, and it will be too late to regret. So, facing the appearance and work of the returned Lord in the last days, we need to learn from the failure of the Pharisees. The principle we should hold to is that we should have reason and humbly seek rather than jump to conclusions when we cannot see through things. Just as God says, “Man should not define the work of God; moreover, man cannot define the work of God. In the eyes of God, man is smaller than an ant, so how can man fathom God’s work? Those who are constantly saying, ‘God does not work in this or that way’ or ‘God is like this or that’—are they not all arrogant? We should all know that people, who are of the flesh, have all been corrupted by Satan. It is their nature to oppose God, and they are not on a parity with God, much less can they offer counsel for the work of God. How God guides man is the work of God Himself. Man should submit, and should not hold such and such a view, for man is but dust. Since we try to seek God, we should not superimpose our conceptions on the work of God for God’s consideration, least of all should we employ our corrupt disposition to deliberately try to oppose the work of God. Would that not make us antichrists? How could such people say that they believe in God? Since we believe that there is a God, and since we wish to satisfy Him and to see Him, we should seek the way of truth, and should look for a way to be compatible with God. We should not stand in stiff-necked opposition to God; what good could come of such actions?”. From God’s word, we can feel God’s righteous disposition cannot be offended. God clearly tells us our identity in His eyes. We are but dust. Since we believe in God, we should have a heart that reveres God and obeys God rather than use our notions and imaginations to blindly judge and condemn God’s new work. If we truly believe in God and are willing to seek the truth, we should put aside our notions and take initiative to seek and investigate God’s appearance and work in the last days. Just like the disciples who followed the Lord Jesus at that time, when they heard the Lord Jesus’ words and felt they were full of authority and power, and were God’s voice, they immediately followed Him and thus gained the Lord’s salvation. If we have such a devout attitude to seek the truth, the Holy Spirit will lead us, and enlighten and illuminate us, so that we will understand God’s will, hear God’s voice, see God’s appearance and work, be raptured up before God, and feast with the Lord. Here I’d like to share with you a hymn: How to Search for God’s Footprints.


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