Should Believers in God Never Stray From the Bible?

By Wong Hie Sing, Malaysia

I am an educational worker and a Christian. Every Lord’s day, my family and I would go to church. At meetings, I often heard the pastor say, “‘All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness’ (2 Timothy 3:16). Since we believe in God, we should read the Bible, obey the Lord’s instructions in it and become a person approved by the Lord. Besides, the Bible can supply us with life.Should Believers in God Never Stray From the Bible? Leaving the Bible is like losing our lives, and we will lose the Lord’s salvation.” Hearing these words, I thought that the Bible was very important to our belief. Except daily spiritual devotion, I often told the stories of the Bible to my elder daughter and used the Lord’s words to instruct her. All of my family lived a happy and peaceful life under the guidance of the Lord. We all expected the Lord to receive us into the kingdom of heaven one day in the future to enjoy the eternal blessings.

After some things happened, I fell into a deep worry. I work in a model middle school in urban areas. The headmaster and many of the teachers in our school are all Christians. As Christians, we should obey the Lord’s instructions, not cheating or tricking Him. But the headmaster actually asked the teachers to falsify the students’ scores in order to maintain his status and the reputation of our school. As the school’s administrative secretary in charge of the examination department, I was also forced to input these false scores into the official website of the Ministry of Education. If I didn’t do it, then our headmaster would take disciplinary action against me, which would influence my future. Faced with this situation, I felt very worried. We all have been Christians for years and understand the Lord’s instructions in the Bible, but why didn’t we practice the Lord’s word and bear witness to Him. Because I was bound by sin every day, I felt depressed and pained. I could only repent and confess before the Lord every night.

In June, 2017, I knew Brother Liang in the Lord, as it happened. When sharing the scriptures with him, I found that he explained them very clearly. I had never heard those before, so I felt excited. Later, I asked him a question that had confused me for years: Why can’t we keep the Lord’s instructions as Christians? After hearing my question, he fellowshiped with me, “The reason that we always sin and confess and can’t shake off the fetters of sin is mainly because of our satanic poisons and satanic nature. Since we were corrupted by Satan, Satan’s poisons and nature have directed us involuntarily to sin and resist God, and made us unable to keep the Lord’s instructions. For example, we believe in the Lord yet lust for money, seek after fame and fortune and status, engage in deception and crookedness, lie and deceive, and so on. Further, we have to understand that in the Age of Grace the Lord redeemed mankind by being crucified on the cross, He only forgave the sins of man, but did not forgive man’s corrupt disposition. Within man the disposition corrupted by Satan and the sinful nature still exist. So, if we humans want to detach from the binding of sins and be completely cleansed, we still need the Lord to come again and do the work of judging, chastising and cleansing us. Such judgment and chastisement are focused on man’s corrupt disposition and satanic nature. Through the judgment of God’s words, our corrupt dispositions are revealed so that we can see our satanic nature and the actual truth of our having been corrupted by Satan. Only when we see that can we repent of what we do and truly forsake ourselves. Meanwhile, we’ll have a true understanding of God’s righteous disposition, develop a heart of reverence for God, and fall down in front of God to confess our sins and repent and seek to change. So our satanic disposition can be resolved and we will extricate ourselves from the bondage of sin and become the people who truly obey God and worship God. Therefore, only by accepting God’s judgment and chastisement of the last days can we completely solve our problem of sinning and repenting.” Hearing Brother Liang’s communication, I came to know that because of our satanic nature, we involuntarily sin. The pastors, elders and spiritual people who have believed in the Lord for years didn’t interpret this problem clearly. Thank the Lord. Today I finally figured it out and I felt much more at ease. Afterward, through Brother Liang, I was acquainted with two sisters and we often gathered, studied the Bible, and shared our experiences. Over a period of time, I felt that my spiritual life had a great improvement.

One day in June, by studying the Bible with the sisters, I knew that the Bible prophesies many times that God will become flesh in the last days and speak and do work in the image of the Son of man. Sister Anna sent a passage of the Bible, “For as the lightning, that lightens out of the one part under heaven, shines to the other part under heaven; so shall also the Son of man be in his day. But first must he suffer many things, and be rejected of this generation” (Luke 17:24-25). Then she said, “These two verses prophesied that in the last days, when the Son of man returns, He will be rejected by this generation again. When it refers to ‘also,’ it means that it is just like when the Lord Jesus first came to do work, He was condemned and rejected by religious circles and the party in power. In the Age of Grace, when the Lord Jesus did the work of redemption, the Pharisees and scribes of religious circles held on to the Bible, and used the letters of it to condemn the Lord Jesus, saying that His work disobeyed the law. Even for the sake of their status and livelihood, they also joined with the Roman government to nail the Lord Jesus to the cross. Similarly, when the Lord returns, He will be rejected and condemned by this generation again. Besides, the prophecies also mention that the Lord comes again, as if the lightning shoots from the East straight to the West, so we also call the Lord’s return Eastern Lightning.” When I heard the words “Eastern Lightning,” I was surprised that it was so familiar, as if I heard it somewhere. Later, I remembered that a few weeks ago, our pastor once mentioned Eastern Lightning and urged us not to listen to the sermons of it. At that moment, I somewhat hesitated and began to doubt whether Sister Anna’s fellowship was right. During the following communication, I said nothing. Sister Anna sensed my unusual reaction, so she patiently communicated to me about Eastern Lightning. But no matter how she fellowshiped, I all the time kept silent. When the gathering was ending, seeing that I still made no response, she asked me to give her ten minutes more in a choking voice. And then she fellowshiped about her understanding of the verses again. But I was still silent. I thought: Although your communication sounds reasonable, the Lord’s return is a great event, and I still need to ask other brothers and sisters their understanding about these verses.

After the gathering, I sent a message to a sister who had studied theology, and wanted to hear her understanding of these verses. But, after waiting for a long time, I didn’t get her reply. Therefore, I decided to search online. surf the InternetUnexpectedly, I had just input the verses when lots of negative reports and propaganda about Eastern Lightning came into view. When I opened the page, I saw someone selected some God’s words and said that the sermons of the Eastern Lightning Church had left the Bible. The more I read, the more panicked I was. At this point, my husband sitting aside asked me what I was doing. I answered that I was searching for the information about Eastern Lightning. Then he said, “Today, Pastor Jiang has just talked about the Eastern Lightning. He said that he had heard the sermons of Eastern Lightning and that they weren’t in accordance with the Bible and had left the Bible. Since we believed in the Lord, we have been reading the Bible all along. Whether on the Lord’s day, in the fellowship or at any gathering, we all share the Bible. The pastor has also said that believing in God can’t leave the Bible and that any belief apart from the Bible or denying the Bible is a heresy.”

Hearing my husband’s words, I thought of the online information I just saw again. I was struggling: Who is right after all? I thought that Sister Anna’s fellowship was quite enlightening, which had solved the confusion of my belief in God for years and brought me great help. But some people online said the words that Eastern Lightning preached left the Bible, and even chose God’s words as proofs. This left me no choice but to believe. I hesitated for long. Eventually, I decided to send a message to Brother Liang and tell him what I read online and what ideas I had in my heart. Later, Brother Liang communicated with me, “At the last gathering, Sister Anna had shared the Lord’s prophecy with us, ‘But first must he suffer many things, and be rejected of this generation’ (Luke 17:25). Now these rumors and the negative propaganda online are the fulfillment of the Lord’s prophecy, and His return is rejected by this generation.” Brother Liang’s words suddenly reminded me that the Lord’s prophecy seemed to be fulfilled. Then He sent me the following verse, “Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:3). He also said to me, “The One who decides whether we will enter the kingdom of heaven is God but not man. Thus, with regard to the Lord’s arrival, we should be cautious and humble to seek God’s will. We cannot always allow people, matters and things to restrict us. The Jews of the past didn’t seek the truth but believed in the Pharisees’ rumors and slanders against the Lord Jesus, so they followed the Pharisees to nail the Lord to the cross, committed a heinous crime, provoked God’s disposition and eventually were subjected to the loss of their nation. We must absorb the historical lesson and can’t repeat the same mistakes.” Hearing his fellowship, I felt much calmer. I thought: That’s right. Though the Pharisees in the Age of Law similarly read the Bible well, didn’t they crucify the Lord Jesus on the cross for the sake of their status and livelihood? I can’t give up seeking like this. If I miss the opportunity to meet the Lord, won’t I forever regret? Therefore I decided to continue to attend meetings with the sisters.

At a meeting, we held so intent a discussion that I actually forgot to collect my daughter. When the meeting was coming to an end, my husband suddenly ran into the room and asked me who I was talking to. I told him that I was investigating God’s words with the brothers and sisters abroad. Hearing that, he said angrily, “If there is anything you don’t understand, you may ask the pastor, preachers or other churchmen. Why do you talk with overseas people? Pastor Jiang said that there were many cheats online; why do you believe the words of strangers?” I didn’t answer him. Later, he got angrier and angrier, saying, “You must drop them at once, or I’ll die.” Seeing my husband opposed very much, I was upset. Then I sent a message to tell the sisters this thing. Then, we went to the nurse’s home to collect my daughter. On the way my state was very bad, my husband’s words of rebuke resounding in my ears. Recalling that we had been married for many years, I found this was the first time that he got so angry. If I went on to attend gatherings with the sisters, he would be very angry. What should I do? I thought of the classmates, teachers and friends around me who believe in the Lord. They were all graduates from seminary schools and had studied the Bible. Aren’t their spiritual lives bigger than mine? Maybe they have read Almighty God’s words, but they don’t accept. I thought about it over and over. Finally in order to calm my husband down, I decided to stop attending meetings with the sisters.

At night, I sat alone outside the bedroom lost in thought, not knowing why I had a sense of being guilty. My mind reacted: Do I break with the sisters like this without saying a word? Even if I don’t attend meetings, I should tell them about it. After all their communication has solved many of my problems. The more I thought, the sadder I was. I involuntarily sent a message to Brother Liang and told him that I wouldn’t attend meetings and wanted to stay alone quietly. Brother Liang replied to me, “Whatever happens, we should come before God, pray to and seek God, and ask God to lead and guide us. If we really want to be responsible for our family, then we must seek first by ourselves; if Almighty God is really the return of the Lord Jesus, but we don’t investigate nor focus on listening to God’s voice, then won’t we lose the Lord’s salvation? Hasn’t following the Lord these past years been a complete waste of effort? Eventually, not only will we not greet the Lord’s return, but our family will lose the Lord’s salvation. By then we’ll be filled with regret.” Then Brother Liang shared with me the verses of the Lord making the dry bones live, and then told me, “The things God does exceed our mind. As for the things that aren’t in accord with our conceptions, we need to learn to be sensible like the prophet in this verse and do not judge when we run into things.” His communication made my heart gradually tranquil. I thought: I have believed in the Lord for more than twenty years. I have all the time been waiting for the Lord’s arrival. Nowadays, the brothers and sisters of the Church of Almighty God testify to me that the Lord Jesus has come back and that He is expressing the truth and doing the work of the judgment through His word. If Almighty God is really the return of the Lord Jesus, but I make a wrong choice and give up the true way, then I really betray the Lord. So I must be responsible for my family and myself. I will continue to attend meetings and make the truth clear.

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