I Finally Understand What It Is to Truly Do God’s Will

Only those who do God’s will can enter the kingdom of God. So what kind of people are those who do God’s will? Why did the Lord Jesus call those who prophesied and worked in His name workers of iniquity? I understand it now.

3 Aspects of the Meaning Behind God’s Proclamation of the Ten Commandments

There are 3 aspects of the meaning behind God using Moses to proclaim the Ten Commandments and laws. Read this article and try to understand God’s will.

Why There Are Different Christian Denominations?

All Christians read the Bible and the Lord’s words. So why are they torn between so many denominations? This article will discuss the root of this problem.

Are You Still Upholding the God-man Theory?

We always say “God became man that man may become God,” but does this idea actually accord with God’s will? You will get the answer from this letter.

Why Does God Test Us? What Exactly Is God’s Will in Trials?

What approach should we Christians take to the trials God sets for us? What is God’s will in trials? You’ll gain inspiration from trials of Job and Abraham.

What Are Those Who Do the Will of the Father in Heaven?

The will of the Father in heaven is the will of God. Doing the heavenly Father’s will means always following and obeying God’s latest work, and practicing according to God’s actual intentions.

What Is an Overcomer? How to Be a True Overcomer

What do the overcomers in the Bible refer to? How can we become true overcomers? We need to accept the Lord’s return and experience God’s judgment and chastisement.

Why Did Job Curse the Day of His Own Birth?

Job feared God and shunned evil, and was called righteous by God. Why did he curse the day of his birth? God’s words gave me the answer.

Why Did Job Behave Rationally in Trials? How Should Christians Emulate Job?

How can Christians behave rationally in trials? Job’s experience gave us enlightenment: We should learn to seek God’s will from everything that happens to us in daily life.

What Is Rest and How Can We Enter Into Rest Together With God?

Since mankind was corrupted by Satan, they lost their rest. How can we enter into rest? Read this article to learn what true rest is and how to enter into rest.

Knowing God Brings Us Faith of Job

As a Christian, we should have faith in God. Then how can we possess faith of Job? The answer is that we should pursue to know God.

3 Manifestations of Job’s Fear of God

Job feared God and shunned evil, and so obtained God’s praise. There are 3 manifestations of his fear of God: 1. He never did anything in his life that offended God; 2. He could obey God’s domination and arrangements in trials. …

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