miraculous testimony: survival from car accident

My Six-year-old Grandson’s Survival From Car Accident

My grandson was hit by a big truck over ten meters through the air and finally woke up. This was completely God’s protection.
salvation prayer, look to God and rely on God in all things

God’s Protection: Only by Reflecting After the Fire Did I Know Only God Is My Salvation

Because of God’s protection, they escaped danger from the fire. After the fire, I knew that only God is my salvation, only God can protect me.
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By Relying on God, I Was Cured of Hepatitis B

She was suddenly diagnosed with hepatitis B at the age of 21. She relied on God in pain. And under the guidance of God’s words, she was cured of hepatitis B.
Willows had sprouted

Who Saved Me From the Verge of Death

When she was in danger of losing her life, who saved her from the verge of death? Read this article, please.
The Lord Saved Me From a Terrible Car Crash

The Lord Saved Me From a Terrible Car Crash

Thanks to the Lord’s protection, I escaped death from a terrible car accident.
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Who Completely Cured the Hepatitis B of My Mother

After half a year, I met my mother and she told me that her HepB had been unexpectedly healed. Who cured her disease?f

I Survived the Deadly Knife Attack at School

In a school, when a gangster was killing people with a knife, teachers and security guards all fled in panic. How did she survive when she was closely chased by the gangster?
My Hepatitis B Was Miraculously Cured

My Hepatitis B Was Miraculously Cured

I lost hope in life when I was diagnosed with hepatitis B. Who gave me confidence and courage to confront my disease, so that I was no longer bounded by disease and finally recovered?
My Wife Was On the Verge of Death

God’s Protection – When My Wife Was On the Verge of Death

My wife had an accident and was on the verge of death. But God wondrously pulled her to safety, I truly experienced God’s almightiness and sovereignty.
Mother and Baby Survived

Who Produced the Miracle That Mother and Baby Survived the Birth Danger?

Two rare and dangerous symptoms appeared at the same time in my daughter-in-law’s labor, and in this life-and-death situation, who produced the miracle that both mother and daughter were doing well?
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