God Saved Me From a Terrible Car Accident

Can money save man? Only after a terrible car accident did I understand that God is my only salvation and I truly return before God.

God’s Protection Allowed Her Daughter to Return Safely From the Brink of Death

My daughter suffered from pancreatic cyst, and her chances of survival were small. However, God’s protection allowed her to return safely from the brink of death.

God Saved My Two-year-old Daughter From Drug Poisoning

Because of drug poisoning, my two-year-old couldn’t wake up. The doctor asserted that she would be retarded, but she was safe and sound in the end. I knew it was God who saved her.

Experience of My Child Being Twice Critically Ill and Finally Out of Danger

My child was twice critically ill and was out of danger finally. This was indeed God’s salvation.

God’s Protection: A Son’s Miraculous Recovery After Being “Sentenced to Death”

Her son suffered an accident and was “sentenced to death” by doctors. In helplessness, she prayed to God and finally witnessed the wonder of God’s protection. Her son miraculously emerged safe from lethal danger.

My Second Life Begins...

I believe in God for many years, but have no knowledge of God’s sovereignty. An experience of a sudden cerebral hemorrhage makes me know: Man’s life and death are indeed in God’s hand.

My Hepatitis B Was Miraculously Cured

I lost hope in life when I was diagnosed with hepatitis B. Who gave me confidence and courage to confront my disease, so that I was no longer bounded by disease and finally recovered?

My Six-year-old Grandson’s Survival From Car Accident

My grandson was hit by a big truck over ten meters through the air and finally woke up. This was completely God’s protection.

God's Protection: Only by Reflecting After the Fire Did I Know Only God Is My Salvation

Because of God’s protection, they escaped danger from the fire. After the fire, I knew that only God is my salvation, only God can protect me.

By Relying on God, I Was Cured of Hepatitis B

She was suddenly diagnosed with hepatitis B at the age of 21. She relied on God in pain. And under the guidance of God’s words, she was cured of hepatitis B.

Who Saved Me From the Verge of Death

When she was in danger of losing her life, who saved her from the verge of death? Read this article, please.

The Lord Saved Me From a Terrible Car Crash

Thanks to the Lord’s protection, I escaped death from a terrible car accident.

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