Christian Life: Change Education Methods and Be a Caring Mom

After I changed my education methods to teach my daughter—no longer putting a lot of pressure on her, I am feeling closer and closer to my daughter and become a genuinely caring mom.
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How to Effectively Improve Mother-Son Relationship

How should we improve the strained relationship between mother and son? In her experience, she has found the secret to improving her relationship with her son.

Christian Testimony: God’s Words Help Her Overcome Jealousy

Because of jealousy, she couldn’t get along with her deskmate. But God’s words helped her overcome jealousy.
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3 Tips on How to Educate Children With God’s Words

How should Christians educate children with God's words? This article gives you three unmissable tips.
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How Should Parents and Children Get Along With Each Other

How should parents do when they cannot get along well with children? This article teaches you an effective secret.
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No Longer Feel Hard to Communicate With Children

How to communicate with children? She has got some tips from God’s words and no longer feels hard to communicate with her children.

Ever-present Love – God’s Love

The lonely soul is from far away, seeking the past, searching the future, struggling hard, and chasing the dream. I don’t know where I’m from and where to go, born in crying and gone in despair, enduring trampling. Your coming...

I No Longer Put Too Much Pressure on Daughter

I always hoped that my daughter was intelligent, and would be successful after growing up. But she failed to live up to my expectations, what should I do?
Let Go of My Daughter’s Marriage

I Finally Let Go of My Daughter’s Marriage

Who taught me to let go of my daughter’s marriage and no longer hinder her from choosing her marriage partner?
Mother-Daughter Relationship

How to Improve Your Mother-Daughter Relationship

Are you still troubled about the generation gap in your family? Let’s see how she and her mother bridged the gap and had an enviable mother-daughter relationship.
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