How I Found a Job Abroad Without Work Experience

By Xing Yue, Italy “Hello, please can I ask whether your restaurant is hiring any staff at the moment?” “Can you speak a foreign language? Do you have work experience?” “No, sorry, I don…

Finally I Know Why I Couldn’t Find a Job when I Didn’t Rely on God

I couldn’t help reflecting after failures in my job search and saw that everything was difficult when I didn’t rely on God. Please read this article to know God’s deeds.

How to Keep Jealousy From Destroying a Friendship

“… envy the rottenness of the bones” (Proverbs 14:30). Do you know how to eliminate jealousy? Read this article to learn how to keep jealousy from destroying a friendship.

How Can We Fix a Broken Relationship at Work? Here Is the Way

It’s vital to have normal work relationships with our colleagues. Read this article to learn how to fix a broken work relationship.

God’s Words Showed Me How to Deal With Lazy Coworkers

My coworkers were lazy, so I was prejudiced against them. Later I knew how to deal with lazy coworkers in God’s words and was no longer distressed for this problem.

Guided by God's Words I Stop Being Jealous

Jealousy ruins a friendship faster than any other emotion and makes me suffer. Guided by God’s words I stop being jealous once and for all.

A Christian at Work: A Good Leader’s Management Method

With this management method, you can not only manage staff effectively and improve your work efficiency but easily become a good leader.

Overcoming Jealousy and Turning a Colleague From a Competitor Into a Helper

As a Christian, what should you do when being jealous of your colleague? Act according to God’s word and you can not only overcome jealousy, but also turn your colleague from a competitor into a helper.

How to Get Along with the Short-tempered Boss

I thought the boss would fire me because I broke several dozens of plates. However, when I practiced being honest and fully acknowledged my mistakes, something unexpected happened.

How to Keep Temper When Hurt by Others

When hurt by others, I not only keep my temper, but get along well with them after I practice this way ...

I Experienced God’s Wondrous Deeds While Looking for a Job

Faced with the same interviewer in the same company, why did I fail the job interview the first time, but success the second time after a few days?

Rely on God Truly, He Will Surely Guide Us

I couldn’t complete this task at all based on my ability, but when I relied on God truly, the impossible happened.

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