Relying on God, We Will Fear No Difficulty

I came to Korea alone and it was tough for me to get a job. But when I truly relied on God, I have seen God’s deeds.

Relying On God, Kids Are No Longer Naughty

After I get along with two naughty kids differently, not only are they no longer naughty, they also become more and more obedient.

Rely on God to Revise the Design Plan Successfully

She didn’t revise the design plan before but finally successfully made it and got the approval of the president of Student Union. The secret is relying on God.

Being Honest, She Won the Trust of the Boss

Facing the mistakes one after another in her work, she didn’t dare to tell the truth to the boss at first. After practicing being an honest person, she won the trust of the boss at last.

I No Longer Hate My Colleague

Because of the loss of interests, she not only strove with but hated her colleague in the law firm. But at last, who allowed her to let go of the hatred and live in the light?

How to Get On Well With New Partner

She had a new partner. Let’s see how they changed their incompatible relationship and became close friends.

How Can We Honestly Face the Mistakes in Our Work?

Faced with her mistakes at work, in the beginning Tianlin dared not admit her mistakes for the sake of her self-image and interests, but later she could face them calmly. So, what happened?

I Live an Easy Life When I Rely on God

I used to solve difficulties of life on my own, living wearily. But after believing in God, I rely on God and obey His orchestration, and live an easy life.

Recognizing and Submitting to God’s Sovereignty, I See God’s Deeds in My Work

Strove to be rich, but in vain … God’s word guided me to drop the pursuit of money. When I entrusted my job to God, I saw God’s blessings.

How to Freely Forgive Partner After a Quarrel

She was living in pain after a quarrel with her colleague and even wanted to quit the job. Let’s see how God guided her to freely forgive her partner.

Who Plays a Decisive Role in Looking for a Job

I got to know that neither my parents nor I can control what kind of jobs I will find, but the one plays a decisive role is …

I Finally Put Aside Jealousy Toward My Partner

If your partner is better than you, how to lay down jealousy and get along well with him? Ning Chen wants to share with you her secret of success.

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