How Can We Walk Away From the Shadow of Marital Infidelity?

Her husband had an affair. This made her very miserable. Through seeking fellowship with the brothers and sisters, she found the path to ridding herself of the pain.
Only that kind of marriage is blessed by God and can bring happy days.

How Should Christians Choose a Good Partner?

Should we set “handsome, beautiful and rich” as our criteria for choosing a partner? As a Christian, how should she choose a good partner? Through seeking, she has found the way of practice.

A Christian’s Experience Tells You How to Get Over a Painful Breakup

He has cried, suffered, or even slipped into decadence over lost love. But it is God’s love that led him to get over the pain and renewed his hope in life.
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I Finally Get Along Well With My Husband

I, who was arrogant and self-conceited, finally can let go of myself, no longer wear the pants in my family, and get along well with my husband.
Marriage,God prepared for me

Find the Right One God Prepared for Me

Are you confused about how to choose your marriage partner? Her experience will tell you how to find the right one.
What Makes My Family Harmonious

What Makes My Family Harmonious

What restored the family, which was full of quarrels and silent treatment, to its original peace and harmony? Read this article to get the answer.

No Longer Hate My Drug Addicted Husband

My husband once could manage the household, but later he took drugs and no longer took care of the family. I felt miserable … However, I don’t hate him anymore because I have known the root cause of his taking drugs and found the greatest happiness.
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Don’t Let Suspicion Ruin Your Marriage

When they, due to her misunderstanding and suspicion of her husband, gave each other the cold shoulder, what power dispelled all her suspicion and saved their marriage which was on the brink?
Conflict in Marriage

Best Remedy for Conflict in Marriage

Are you still depressed about family disharmony? Practice in this way and you will no longer make a stranger of your spouse but have a normal relationship with your spouse.

Facing My Husband’s Betrayal, I Felt Released!

My husband’s betrayal made me desperate about life, and I even tried to end my life by taking an overdose of sleeping pills. But when I understood the root cause of this pain, I was relieved.
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