How to Overcome Betrayal From My Husband: I Found the Way

By Zhuiqiu, South Korea “What woman did you send such an explicit text message to? So this is how you treat me, doing this kind of thing behind my back?” Expressionless, my husband responded…

It Is God Who Frees Me From the Worry About Marital Relationship

To live happily, she was always handling her marriage with kid gloves. Yet her life was extremely tiring and bitter. Who resolved her problem so that she gained a happy marriage? Read to learn more.

Why Has Marriage That Should Be Respected Been Trampled?

Marriage should be respected, yet in today’s society there are more and more people engaging in extramarital affairs. Read this article to learn the root of people wantonly trampling on marriage, and how to shun evil.

What Would You Do If the Person You Love Most Betrayed You?

When the person you love most betrays you, you can choose to be silent about it. When your tolerance can’t turn him back, you need the guidance of God’s words, which will enable you to welcome the light.

After Her Marriage Broke Up …

After her husband had an affair, she suffered from the broken marriage and even wanted to commit suicide. Later she got over it like this.

How Can We Walk Away From the Shadow of Marital Infidelity?

Her husband’s marital infidelity made her very miserable but later, she found relief. Read this article to learn how to walk away from an affair from her experience.

True Life Story: How She Chose the Right Life Partner According to God’s Words

Choosing the right life partner is important for us. Read the protagonist’s true life story to learn how she found the right life partner and led a happy married life according to God’s words.

Seeing Through the Material Marriage, I No Longer Complains About My Poor Husband

After I went to a rich woman’s wedding, I was disgusted with my poor husband, and our relationship became difficult and gridlocked. Afterwards, I finally saw through the material marriage and gained happiness.

A Christian’s Experience Tells You How to Get Over a Painful Breakup

He has cried, suffered, or even slipped into decadence over lost love. But it is God’s love that led him to get over the pain and renewed his hope in life.

I Finally Get Along Well With My Husband

I, who was arrogant and self-conceited, finally can let go of myself, no longer wear the pants in my family, and get along well with my husband.

How She Emerged From Her Torment of the Suspicion of Her Husband

When they, due to her misunderstanding and suspicion of her husband, gave each other the cold shoulder, what power dispelled all her suspicion and saved their marriage which was on the brink?

Best Remedy for Conflict in Marriage

Are you still depressed about family disharmony? Practice in this way and you will no longer make a stranger of your spouse but have a normal relationship with your spouse.

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