A Christian’s Diary: An Unforgettable Escape

An unfortunate series of diary entries records this Christian’s experience of arrest and persecution by the CCP, as well as her escape.

My Happy Family Has Been Torn Apart by the Chinese Communist Party

Family Being Broken by Religious Persecution, She Obtained a Blessing in Disguise Through God's Words.

The CCP Government's Suppression and Persecution of Christians in House Churches: Ironclad Proof

Since the atheist Chinese Communist Party has come to power, it has continued to madly resist God and be an enemy to Him. They have not only branded Christianity and Catholicism as "cults," but they…

Lord’s Love Guided Me Through CCP Police’s Inhuman Torture

Got caught due to my faith in God, I underwent the CCP police’s various inhuman torture. It was the Lord’s love that had always sustained me so that I didn’t fall down. Thanks be to God!

Is There Real Religious Freedom in China?

I’ve been hunted by the CCP for many years and imprisoned for four years. The Lord’s word strengthened my faith so that I could stand witness for the Lord. Meantime, I have seen clearly that there is no religious freedom in China.

God’s Words Led Us to Win the Spiritual Warfare With the CCP Police

The CCP police tried every possible means to arrest me and my wife while my son was in a five-year sentence. It was God’s words that led us to stand testimony in the spiritual warfare time and again, and from which I really saw God’s love and protection.

60-year-old Christian Runs Away With Paralyzed Husband

A 60-year-old Christian is forced to run away with her paralyzed husband because of the CCP’s arrest. During those difficult days, she has experienced God’s protection and has more faith in God ...

Take Up Cross to Go on Spreading Gospel for Lord

I have been arrested and tortured cruelly by the CCP police many times. It was the Lord’s word that gave me confidence so that I could stand testimony for Him. No matter how the CCP persecutes, I’m willing to go on preaching the gospel.

Ten Days in Custody, God Is the Reliance of Our Life

Ten days in custody, we were maltreated by the CCP police. But we overcame under the guidance of the Lord, and tasted that He is our only reliance.

After Her Parents Were Arrested Because of Faith in God …

Her parents were arrested by the CCP because of faith in God. Let’s see how God led her, a minor to overcome all the difficulties.

Persecuted Christian's Memory: 5 Years Away From Home

It’s five years since she’d left home due to the CCP’s persecution. Recalling these years, she sincerely felt thankful for God’s love and salvation.

Persecution Experience - The Broken Happy Family

By Zhang Qiang The Persecution Comes on the Mid-Autumn Day On the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Zhang Qiang knitted his brow, sat in front of a table, and thought about the phone call from his…

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