Christian Testimony: God Guided Me to Clear the Stumbling Block on My Way to the Kingdom

Aside from having faith in God, Christians must learn discernment. This is the only way to see through Satan’s trickery and stand witness when Satan’s test befalls us.

I Have Welcomed the Second Coming of the Lord

Facing the desolate church, I was weak in spirit and longing for the Lord’s coming. A fellowship online helped me welcome the second coming of the Lord.

Understand the Significance of God’s Judgement and Welcome the Lord’s Return

Once, her mind was filled with imaginings about judgment, but later, through the guidance of God’s word, she discovered a new interpretation of judgment and welcomed the Lord’s return.

Heart Voice of a Preacher: I Have Found the Way to Get Rid of Sin

When my faith grew cold and I lived in the condition of committing and confessing, God’s salvation of the last days brought me hope. I finally found the way to get rid of sin and enter the heavenly kingdom.

A Christian’s Testimony of Gratitude: She Quit Gambling Under God’s Guidance

Once, she was addicted to gambling. It was God who guided her to quit gambling step by step and brought light into her dark life.

Unexpected Surprise: I’ve Welcomed the Second Coming of Jesus

It is God’s wonderful arrangement that I have welcomed the second coming of Jesus and had some knowledge of the mysteries of God’s incarnation.

How to Break Free From Bondage of the Sin

As Christians, what if our faith is weak and we cannot free ourselves from the bondage of the sin? Her experience will help us find the way of practice.

I’ve Attended the Feast of the Lamb —The Lord’s Return

She has been lucky to attend the feast of the Lamb and welcomed the return of the Lord Jesus. Have you welcomed the Lord’s return?

It Was God Who Guided Me From the Wilderness to Canaan

My church has lost the work of the Holy Spirit. When I sought and investigated, God guided me from the wilderness to Canaan.

An Ill-fated Lady Has Finally Found the Light

With the viewpoint that “one’s destiny is in his own hand,” I had struggled for many years but still lived a very miserable life. Not until I found the source of my suffering after I turned back to God did I live in the light.

Yearn for the Lord Coming With Clouds, Finally Meet With Him

When we still yearn for the Lord’s coming with clouds to raise us up into the kingdom of heaven, she has already welcomed the second coming of Jesus.

Return to God, Testimony to 18-year-old Christian’s True Repentance

From disobedience and hindrance to God’s work to acceptance of His work, how did an 18-year-old Christian see through the rumors? This article tells us her repentance testimony of returning to God.

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