Only by Learning to Discern False Christs Can We Welcome the Lord

By Tongxin, Malaysia Have you ever received counterfeit money? Many of you will answer that you have. Faced as we are with an era where counterfeit money is rampant, will you reject money because you…

I Finally Find Out How to Escape Sin

By Tiexin Editor’s Note: As a Christian, are you still engaged in the bitter struggle with sin? Do you also want to escape the bondage and restraints of sin? Are you also disappointed by the fact…

Understanding the Mysteries of God’s Gender, I Welcomed the Lord’s Return

By Mily, United States During my time believing in the Lord, I often heard the pastor say, “The Lord will soon come back, so we must vigilantly await Him. Now Eastern Lightning is testifying that…

Can We Enter the Heavenly Kingdom by Being Saved

By Si’en I was a Catholic nun in the Congregation of the Holy Spirit. Through attending meetings, I learned that the Lord Jesus had redeemed us through the salvation of the cross and that we had al…

Is It That the Returned Lord in the Last Days Can Only Be a Man

By Anna, United States Learning of the Lord’s Return in the Midst of the Church’s Desolation I started to believe in the Lord Jesus along with my mother when I was 13. Most of the time, we would…

Learning to Discern the True Christ From False Ones, I Welcome the Lord

By Ranjana, India My Church Was Becoming Increasingly Desolate I am an Indian Christian. In 2007, I began to believe in the Lord because of an illness, and afterward, my condition gradually improved…

I Finally Understand the Meaning of the Great White Throne Judgment

By Witri, Indonesia Editor’s Note: When the great white throne judgment prophesied in the Book of Revelation comes up, many brothers and sisters imagine that the Lord will come in the last days a…

I Had a New Understanding of “The Man Is the Head of the Woman”

The Bible says that the man is the head of the woman, so many people think the Lord would still appear and work as a man upon His return. Is this view correct? Read this article and you will understand the truth of the incarnation.

I Find the True Church With the Holy Spirit’s Work

Are you searching for the true church with the Holy Spirit’s work? Sarah’s true story will help you find the true church and tell you how to listen to God’s voice so that you can welcome the Lord’s return. Read to learn more.

I Gained a New Knowledge of the Bible and Welcomed the Lord’s Return by Watching Films

I once held that any belief that departs from the Bible is a heresy. Later, I gained a new knowledge of the Bible and welcomed the Lord’s return by watching films.

How One Film Helped Me Welcome the Lord’s Return

I longed to welcome the Lord’s return but didn’t know how. Later, a film enabled me to welcome the Lord’s return unexpectedly. Read to learn more.

I Gain the Greatest Grace of God After Understanding the Relationship Between the Bible and God’s Work

By Fangxia, South Korea In 2018, I finally welcomed the Lord’s return and attended the wedding feast of the Lamb, enjoying the watering and sustenance of the living waters. But I’m filled with re…

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