I Finally Understand the Meaning of the Great White Throne Judgment

By Witri, Indonesia Editor’s Note: When the great white throne judgment prophesied in the Book of Revelation comes up, many brothers and sisters imagine that the Lord will come in the last days and…

I Had a New Understanding of “The Man Is the Head of the Woman”

The Bible says that the man is the head of the woman, so many people think the Lord would still appear and work as a man upon His return. Is this view correct? Read this article and you will understand the truth of the incarnation.

I Find the True Church With the Holy Spirit’s Work

Are you searching for the true church with the Holy Spirit’s work? Sarah’s true story will help you find the true church and tell you how to listen to God’s voice so that you can welcome the Lord’s return. Read to learn more.

I Gained a New Knowledge of the Bible and Welcomed the Lord’s Return by Watching Films

I once held that any belief that departs from the Bible is a heresy. Later, I gained a new knowledge of the Bible and welcomed the Lord’s return by watching films.

How One Film Helped Me Welcome the Lord’s Return

I longed to welcome the Lord’s return but didn’t know how. Later, a film enabled me to welcome the Lord’s return unexpectedly. Read to learn more.

Understanding the Meaning of Coming With “Clouds,” and Welcoming the Lord’s Return

If we just wait blindly for the Lord to descend with the clouds, will we really be able to welcome Him? Read this article to learn the true meaning of coming with “clouds” and welcome the Lord soon.

I Gain the Greatest Grace of God After Understanding the Relationship Between the Bible and God’s Work

By Fangxia, South Korea In 2018, I finally welcomed the Lord’s return and attended the wedding feast of the Lamb, enjoying the watering and sustenance of the living waters. But I’m filled with re…

I Actually Welcome the Lord’s Return While Browsing Facebook

I didn’t understand the meaning of “It is finished” before, much less did I know how to welcome the Lord’s return. Later, while browsing facebook, I actually welcome the Lord’s return. Read this article to learn more.

A Rough Experience of Welcoming the Lord’s Return

Being confused by the CCP’s rumors and the pastor, he rejected investigating the work of the Lord's return. Finally, under God’s guidance, he welcomed the Lord’s return.

I Understand the True Meaning of the Lord Jesus Saying “It Is Finished” and I Welcome His Return

I believed that the Lord Jesus’ saying “It is finished” means that God’s work of salvation for mankind is finished. After a fellowship, I understand its true meaning and welcome the Lord’s return.

Recovering the Lost Salvation and Welcoming the Lord

This article tells about how the preacher recovered his lost salvation and welcomed the Lord. Please read it to learn more.

Discerning Modern-Day Pharisees, I Am Following God’s Footsteps

Only if we can discern the modern Pharisees in the church will we not be deceived and can we follow God’s footprints. The experience of Sister Fang will bring us some inspiration.

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