In Spiritual Warfare, God’s Word Is Power

In one spiritual warfare after another, God’s words help me see through the tricks of Satan and stand witness for God.

Testifying the Salvation: A 12-year Gambler’s Journey of Transformation

She had been addicted to lottery for 12 years. Consequently, she went bankrupt, was complained against and hated by her family. How did she completely break free from the addiction of lottery? Let’s read her experience.

My Son’s Illness Revealed My Wrong View on Belief in God

Not only was my wrong viewpoint of seeking bread to satisfy hunger transformed, but also my faith in God increased after my son’s illness.

God’s Intentions Are Behind Tough Breaks

I was robbed of my purse and my husband lost his job, then I lived in the midst of my misunderstanding of God. It was only after this experience that I understood: God’s intentions are behind tough breaks.
Is Your Faith Being Tested?

Is Your Faith Being Tested?

His physical illness, family’s obstructing his belief in God, and any other real life problems came upon him one after another. How should he hold on to his faith in God and stand witness for Him?

An Experience of Victory Over Satan’s Temptation In a Class

The school used a lie detector to test me whether my family believe in God. I was afraid of selling out brothers and sisters for this. When it came to the crunch, I overcame Satan’s sudden temptation by relying on God.
I Resisted The Temptation of a ThinkPad With a Red TrackPoint

I Resisted The Temptation of a ThinkPad With a Red TrackPoint

When the item I bought on other’s behalf better than mine, I always desire to have it for myself. It was God’s words that stopped me from making the wrong choice in time, and I finally resisted the temptation.

God’s Love Accompanied Me Through the Trouble

The injury of my daughter’s arm made me suffer a lot, but God arranged for brothers and sisters to help and sustain me, and I have truly tasted that God’s love is true and real.

God Helped Me Win in a Family Conflict About Belief

After this family conflict about faith, I was more resolved to follow God and also understood that only those who humbly seek God can see His appearance.
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Don’t Hinder Me From Investigating the True Way!

During the process of investigating the true way, I was hindered by many pastors. But by reading God’s word, I finally saw through their essence of resisting God and didn’t fall for their trickery!
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