The Story of Ore and Fire - Christian’s Spiritual Growth Needs Refinements

The Story of Ore and Fire – Christian’s Spiritual Growth Needs Refinements

Ore needs smelting to become a useful steel. Christian’s spiritual growth also needs refinements from God.
pick up the teapot and keep pouring tea into the cup

Only by Emptying Ourselves Can We Gain New Life

“For whoever exalts himself shall be abased; and he that humbles himself shall be exalted” (Luk 14:11). When others are better than us, if we empty ourselves and learn from them, then we can make progress.
God's words,hand,book

The Way to Be Save by God: Forever Believe God’s Words

The Bible recorded that many people were forsaken by God because of not believing God’s words. These remind us a lot at the crucial moment of welcoming the second coming of Jesus and gaining God’s salvation.
Regular Hours

Watch Out! Don’t Break Regular Hours Established by God

God establishes the laws for the sake of our normal survival, but we often violate the laws to satisfy our selfish desires. Do you know the mastermind behind?
The Pharisees

Three Principles Can Help to See Through Rumors

Because of listening to the rumors made up by the Pharisees, the Israelites resisted the Lord Jesus. This deep lesson reminds us that we should learn to identify rumors. Three tips in this article will be helpful.
bamboo forest

Little Bamboo Shoots’ Growth—Sufferings Are God’s Love

Inspired by little bamboo shoots’ growth: Sufferings and Trials are God’s love, and are His most true and most real salvation for us.
Alexander the Great

Reflect on Last Words of Alexander—Pursuing money Is Meaningless

The last words of King Alexander admonish us that it is meaningless for one to spend his life pursuing money. So what is the meaningful life?
Let Go of Desires

The Secret of Happiness: Let Go of Desires

Human desires are endless. And only if we learn to let go of desires can we live contently and joyfully! Share the way to let go of desires with you.

Christians, We’re Not God’s Creditor

By Fang Xin I read a short story titled “You Owe Me A Debt.” It goes like this: “When a beggar asked for 100 dollars from a passer-by, the passer-by told him that he had only 80 dollars, then he...
Clear Away the “Heavy Cloud”, Listen to the Lord’s Voice Closely2

Clear Away the “Heavy Cloud”, Listen to the God’s Voice Closely

By Gaoge Open the window and let the sunshine in. Suddenly it makes the room brilliant and the world outside the window clearly visible. While every soul has a window, as you open it and let the sunshine in, then...
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