What Is an Overcomer? How to Be a True Overcomer

What Is an Overcomer? How to Be a True Overcomer

What do the overcomers in the Bible refer to? How can we become true overcomers? We need to accept the Lord’s return and experience God’s judgment and chastisement.
Job Curse the Day of His Own Birth

Why Did Job Curse the Day of His Own Birth?

Job feared God and shunned evil, and was called righteous by God. Why did he curse the day of his birth? God’s words gave me the answer.
Job Behave Rationally in Trials

Why Did Job Behave Rationally in Trials? How Should Christians Emulate Job?

How can Christians behave rationally in trials? Job’s experience gave us enlightenment: We should learn to seek God’s will from everything that happens to us in daily life.
God and man will enter into rest together

What Is Rest and How Can We Enter Into Rest Together With God?

Since mankind was corrupted by Satan, they lost their rest. How can we enter into rest? Read this article to learn what true rest is and how to enter into rest.
Knowing God Brings Us Faith of Job

Knowing God Brings Us Faith of Job

As a Christian, we should have faith in God. Then how can we possess faith of Job? The answer is that we should pursue to know God.
Job’s Fear of God

3 Manifestations of Job’s Fear of God

Job feared God and shunned evil, and so obtained God’s praise. There are 3 manifestations of his fear of God: 1. He never did anything in his life that offended God; 2. He could obey God’s domination and arrangements in trials. …
revelation given to us by destruction of the temple

The Revelation Given to Us by the Destruction of the Temple

The destruction of the temple fulfills the prophecy of the Lord Jesus. Do you know the root cause behind it? This article will explain to you from 2 aspects.
Noah gain God’s blessings, how can we gain God's blessings

How Can We Gain God’s Blessings

Every believer in God longs to receive God’s blessings, but how can we gain God’s blessings? Let us look back to Noah and Abraham’s stories, and we will get the answer.
Zacchaeus climbed up into a sycomore tree to seeJesus

Reflections on Story of Zacchaeus: How Can We Gain the Salvation of the Returned Lord

Zacchaeus gained the salvation of the Lord because he longed for and sought Him. If someone bears witness to the salvation of the returned Lord, will we take initiative to seek His appearance and work?
Abraham gain God's blessings, seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed

What Can Christians Learn From the Story of Abraham? Here Are 2 Points

In the story of Abraham, we can know the authority and power of God’s word and the principle of God blessing man, and can find the way to be praised by God.
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