Fasting and Prayer Can’t Resolve the Problem of Church Desolation, Here Are Important Reasons

There is God’s will behind the church’s desolation. We can’t resolve the problem of church desolation only by fasting and prayer. To find the church with Holy Spirit’s work is a pressing issue.

3 Principles for How to Discern the Voice of God

How can we be certain that The Word Appears in the Flesh is the personal utterance of God and The Scroll Opened by the Lamb as prophesied in Revelation?
The Origin and Development of The Church of Almighty God

Is The Church of Almighty God a Denomination in Christianity

The Church of Almighty God has rocked all denominations. And some people asked: Is The Church of Almighty God a denomination in Christianity? The article will give you a detailed answer.
Man prayed to God beside the sea at night

What Are the Differences Between the Work of the Holy Spirit And the Work of Evil Spirits?

If it is the work of the Holy Spirit, man becomes ever more normal, and his humanity becomes ever more normal. Man has an increasing knowledge of his disposition, which has been corrupted by Satan, and of the essence of man, and he has an ever greater longing ...
This is a Christian church

Why Are There Many Sects in Christianity Today?

All Christians believe in the Lord and read the Bible, but why are there many sects in Christianity? How will all denominations become one in the last days? Read this article.

Is Obeying Pastors Obeying God?

Many believers believe that those who obey pastors are obeying the Lord. Is this viewpoint in accordance with the Bible? If pastors’ teachings are not in line with the word of the Lord, then how should we treat this?

Is Celebrating Christmas God’s Demand of Man? – Knowing God’s Will

By Xiaoqi The snow was very heavy during the Christmas that year. After a period of hard work, we brothers and sisters in the choir finally took first place in the town’s choir competition. At the first meeting after Christmas,...
Saved by Faith Alone What Is Being Saved

Saved by Faith Alone? What Is Being Saved? – Bible Questions

Question: The Bible says, “For with the heart man believes to righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made to salvation” (Romans 10: 10). We’ve been saved through our faith in Jesus Christ. Remember: Once saved, always saved. When He...
holy bible-Doing the Will of the Heavenly Father

What Is the True Meaning of Doing the Will of the Heavenly Father?

Question: We can set aside all things to spread the gospel and shepherd the church. Such toil and labor is doing the will of our heavenly Father. Is there any wrong in the way we carry this out? Answer: We...
Will Jesus Christ Reveal Pastors and Elders First When He Comes Again

Will Jesus Christ Reveal Pastors and Elders First When He Comes Again? – Bible Devotions

Yi Xin For us believers in the Lord, there is nothing so important as us receiving the second coming of the Lord. Particularly in the present time of the last days, facing the Lord’s return, many Christians think: The pastors...
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