How to pray that God will heard

3 Problems of Prayer That Must Be Resolved

Are you troubled by the fact that the Lord does not hear your prayers? Resolve these three problems and your prayers will be heard by the Lord.
four principles for Christians’ interacting with others

4 Principles for Christians’ Interacting With Others

By Hanxiao After believing in the Lord, along with listening to more and more sermons, we have some understanding of the Lord’s words and also always put forbearance and patience into action according to the Lord’s teachings in interacting with...
a christian is thinking: why is my spiritual devotion so religiou

Why Is My Spiritual Devotion So Religious?

In our spiritual devotions, we should not only pray and sing hymns outwardly. Then what should we do? Read this article to find out the correct way to do spiritual devotions and establish a close relationship with God.
christians don't lose faith in God in setbacks

How Can Christians Not Lose Faith in God in Setbacks?

Christians often lose faith in God in setbacks. This article says that there’s God’s salvation in setbacks, which will help you revive your faith in God.
The Bible says: rely on God is the greatest wisdom

How Should a Christian Learn to Rely on God When Facing Difficulties

A Christian’s greatest wisdom is relying on God. However, when we encounter difficulties in our lives, we don’t rely on God. This article tells you how to rely on God from 3 aspects.
Job seek God’s will and fear God and shun evil

How to Fear God? Here Are 4 Aspects

Fearing God is God’s demands. Only those who fear God can enter the kingdom of heaven. 4 aspects show you how to walk the path of fearing God and shunning evil.

4 Ways to Strengthen Our Relationship With God

Fast-paced life makes us bound by all kinds of people, things, and matters, so that we grow further and further apart from God. Here are 4 ways to help us strengthen our relationship with God.
christian is thinking: Do we only need to read the Bible and pray to God for faith in God?

What Is True Faith in God? Not Just Work for the Lord

Do we only need to read the Bible and pray to God for faith in God? God says no. What is true faith in God? Read this article to gain new knowledge of faith in God.
Grow Closer to God by Reading the Bible

How to Grow Closer to God by Reading the Bible? Here Are 3 Principles

How do we read the Bible to gain God’s guidance? Grasp these 3 principles and we will get enlightened and easily grow closer to God.

3 Ways to Help Christians Stand Witness for God in Trials

Trials and refinements are all God’s arrangements and there is God’s will contained within them. Only if we come before God, pray to and seek God to obey God, can we stand witness for God.
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