How to Know God’s Goodwill For Our Lives?

By Li Yang Yesterday, I saw a story on the Internet. A young man went home on horseback happily after earning a great deal of money outside. When he got halfway, it rained heavily. He was drenched to…

Deeper Significance of God’s Creation of All Things

Outwardly all things created by God are beautiful, but do you know the deeper significance of God’s creation of all things?

Classic Question - Which Came First, Chicken or Egg?

The chicken-and-egg question as to what came first is a mystery that has been debated endlessly through the ages. Now, we have got the answer ...

Day Trip to a Farm: Feeling God’s Miraculous Creation

On the farm, she saw a marvelous scene—various animals and plants complemented each other and depended on one another. She couldn’t help marveling at the miraculousness of the Creator’s creation.

Little Spider, God’s Great Wisdom

From spiders’ unique instincts and wisdom that God bestowed on them, we can see God’s miraculousness of creating all things.

Wonderful Experiences of a Photographer

By Liu Qing, Spain In January 2018, the Planning Department of our company assigned us an urgent task—taking an aerial video of a transition from forests on the mountains to the sea. And we planned…

3 Ways to Help You Know God

By Kelly, USA The other day, when I chatted with a net friend, he said: “Since I was born, I’ve constantly heard adults say: ‘There is a spirit watching right above your head.’ I myself a…

Two Reasons of Living in the Haze of Failure

Why do we often live in the haze of failure and cannot walk out from it? There are two reasons we should know.

Obey God’s Sovereignty, Ordinary But Wonderful

Two nondescript flowers can hardly draw people’s eyes, but they obey God’s sovereignty and grace the world. I’d like to obey God’s sovereignty like nondescript flowers and live out my wonderful life.

Only by Knowing God Can We Break Free From Spiritual Emptiness

How to break free from the suffering of spiritual emptiness? Only knowing God can help you make it. Share with you how I know God’s sovereignty and break free from emptiness.

The Value of the Desert

The desert is created by God and its existence possesses of extraordinary significance.

God’s Love Behind the Wonderful Uses of Tea Tree

From the wonderful uses of the tea tree, I saw God’s authority and experienced His love for mankind.

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