I Discover How to Stop Feeling So Empty and Live a Meaningful Life

Why is material enjoyment unable to bring us happiness? Read this article and learn about how to stop feeling so empty and live a meaningful life.

True Story of How I Quit the Pursuit of Being a Millionaire

She worked hard to become a millionaire, but later, she was exhausted both physically and mentally. In her pain and bewilderment, who changed her direction of pursuit? Please read on.

God Is With Us, So Learn to Rely on God

Many times when encountering difficulties, I used to rely on myself to solve them but failed. After an experience, I come to realize that God is with us and that only when we rely on God wholeheartedly can we be blessed by God.

After Bidding Farewell to My Life of Following Celebrities, I Live a Meaningful Life

A young girl fell into the temptation of following celebrities, which caused her great torment both in body and soul. How did she finally overcome the temptation? Read this article to learn more.

Reflections in Sickbed: I Know How to Pursue to Live a Meaningful Life

Are you feeling vexed about how to pursue to live a meaningful life? I once strived hard to make money for the sake of fame and gain, and fell victim to various diseases. Only when lying in my sickbed did I reflect on myself and come to understand …

A Special Fellowship Allows Him to Know How to Approach Unfavorable Things

We often feel distressed when encountering unfavorable things. The fellowship in this article will help you understand how to approach them and escape the pain.

Letting Go of My Mistaken Pursuits, I No Longer Sell My Life for Money

I desperately made money, and in the end made myself sick. Later, God’s salvation came to me, and I finally realized: It isn’t worth it to exchange life for money.

She Finally Quit a Game Addiction That Had Been Ruining Her For 23 Years

Her video game addiction kept her bound for 23 years and almost ruined her life. Read this article now to learn about how she quit playing video games.

Deeper Significance of God’s Creation of All Things

Outwardly all things created by God are beautiful, but do you know the deeper significance of God’s creation of all things?

Classic Question - Which Came First, Chicken or Egg?

The chicken-and-egg question as to what came first is a mystery that has been debated endlessly through the ages. Now, we have got the answer ...

Day Trip to a Farm: Feeling God’s Miraculous Creation

On the farm, she saw a marvelous scene—various animals and plants complemented each other and depended on one another. She couldn’t help marveling at the miraculousness of the Creator’s creation.

Wonderful Experiences of a Photographer

By Liu Qing, Spain In January 2018, the Planning Department of our company assigned us an urgent task—taking an aerial video of a transition from forests on the mountains to the sea. And we planned…

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