Little Bamboo Shoots’ Growth—Sufferings Are God’s Love

Inspired by little bamboo shoots’ growth: Sufferings and Trials are God’s love, and are His most true and most real salvation for us.

Reflection Story: Blindly Following Man Can Lead to Losing Your Salvation

In welcoming the Lord’s coming, what should we pay attention to so that we will not lose the salvation of the returned Lord? You will gain inspiration from a short reflection story.

Be of One Heart and One Mind, We Can Gain God’s Blessings

As long as we are of one heart and one mind and combine our efforts to do the work of the church, we will gain God’s blessing and guidance.

Reflect on Last Words of Alexander—Pursuing money Is Meaningless

The last words of King Alexander admonish us that it is meaningless for one to spend his life pursuing money. So what is the meaningful life?

Christians, We’re Not God’s Creditor

By Fang Xin I read a short story titled “You Owe Me A Debt.” It goes like this: “When a beggar asked for 100 dollars from a passer-by, the passer-by told him that he had only 80 dollars, then h…

The Inspiring Story of a Bamboo Pole and a Bamboo Flute

By Xiaozheng I read a story like this before: A bamboo pole is used as a clothes-airing rail. It feels very distressed that it has been exposed to wind and rain and is menial, while the bamboo flut…

The Marvelous Grace Behind a Fire - Inspiring Stories

By Mu Xue One day, I read a short story: After a shipwreck, the sole survivor drifted toward an uninhabited island with the tide. Day after day he sincerely prayed to God to save him out of thi…

There Is a Love That Is Called Pain

There is a love that is called pain. Perhaps you are competent, but you are always serving others, while someone else who is very cowardly has been taken care of. You may have experienced many hard…

Hardship Is the Best Blessing God Bestows on Us

By Xiang Yang One day, I read a fable. There was once a farmer who hoped that his wheat would not be affected by any terrible weather while it was growing, but would grow tall and strong in light win…


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