Devotional Life: 3 Ways to Get a Fresh Start With God

If you are working hard to start or maintain your devotional life, please learn these three ways to get a fresh start with God and establish a normal relationship with Him.

God’s Disposition Is Not Merely Loving and Merciful, but Also Righteous

The Lord Jesus is loving and merciful, to the extent that He even gave His own life to redeem us. But is His disposition merely loving and merciful? This article will guide us to know God’s disposition.

Why Are People Addicted to Their Phones?

Why are more and more people addicted to their phones? Read this article to learn the reason, which can help you break your phone addiction early.

I Have Seen God’s Blessings in Preaching the Gospel by Relying on Him

Spreading the gospel and bearing witness to God is the mission of every Christian. When encountering difficulties or being rejected in spreading the gospel, how did she regain confidence and receive God’s blessings by relying on God?

4 Principles for Christians’ Interacting With Others

By Hanxiao After believing in the Lord, along with listening to more and more sermons, we have some understanding of the Lord’s words and also always put forbearance and patience into action acco…

How Can Christians Not Lose Faith in God in Setbacks?

Christians often lose faith in God in setbacks. This article says that there’s God’s salvation in setbacks, which will help you revive your faith in God.

What Is the True Meaning of Believing in God? God Says …

What is truly believing in God? Are those who acknowledge God and work for the Lord true believers in God? God’s word will give you the correct answers.

4 Ways to Strengthen Our Relationship With God

Fast-paced life makes us bound by all kinds of people, things, and matters, so that we grow further and further apart from God. Here are 4 ways to help us strengthen our relationship with God.

What Is True Faith in God? Not Just Work for the Lord

Do we only need to read the Bible and pray to God for faith in God? God says no. What is true faith in God? Read this article to gain new knowledge of faith in God.

4 Tips to Build Normal Relationship With God

Are you obsessed with external affairs, and hardly quiet your heart before God? This article gives you 4 tips to build a normal relationship with God.

Why Does God Allow Suffering? Understanding the Grace of God From Job’s Story

New understanding of grace from Job’s story in the Bible: Not only are love and blessings God’s grace, but sufferings and trials are God’s greater grace.

Too Busy to Be Quiet Before God? 3 Easy Tips to Solve It

Praying, pondering God’s words, giving thoughts to God’s love—these 3 aspects can help us be quiet before God and grow spiritually.

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