3 Ways to Help Our Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Are you distressed for being unable to effectively help your brothers and sisters in Christ? Then read this article now and grasp 3 effective ways to help them.

Christian Reflection: Is Your Service of God Transactional?

Many believe they will gain rewards for their work for the Lord. Is this belief after God’s heart? Read “Is Your Service of God Transactional?” and ponder how to serve God in harmony with His will.

2 Bible Stories to Help You Keep Faith in God During Hard Times

Keeping faith in God during hard times can be very difficult. But the inspiration from these 2 Bible stories in the article may help. Read here.

Do You Know the Way to Trusting God Through Trials?

God uses trials to make our spiritual life grow, but do you know the way to trusting God through trials? This article will tell you how to keep your faith in trials. Read to understand the blessings of trials.

4 Ways to Strengthen Our Relationship With God

Our relationship with God is growing more and more distant as a result of the fast-paced life. Read this article to learn 4 ways to strengthen our relationship with God.

Devotional Life: 3 Ways to Get a Fresh Start With God

If you are working hard to start or maintain your devotional life, please learn these three ways to get a fresh start with God and establish a normal relationship with Him.

God’s Disposition Is Not Merely Loving and Merciful, but Also Righteous

The Lord Jesus is loving and merciful, to the extent that He even gave His own life to redeem us. But is His disposition merely loving and merciful? This article will guide us to know God’s disposition.

Why Are People Addicted to Their Phones?

Why are more and more people addicted to their phones? Read this article to learn the reason, which can help you break your phone addiction early.

Put Aside Vanity, and We’ll Be Released and Free in Fellowshiping in Gatherings

She used to actively fellowship during gatherings, but because of a sister’s words, she fell into a negative state. Later, under the guidance of God’s words, she finally put aside vanity and was released and free in fellowshiping in gatherings.

I Have Seen God’s Blessings in Preaching the Gospel by Relying on Him

Spreading the gospel and bearing witness to God is the mission of every Christian. When encountering difficulties or being rejected in spreading the gospel, how did she regain confidence and receive God’s blessings by relying on God?

How Can Christian Harmony Be Achieved in the Service of God?

Only if we serve God with one heart and mind can we obtain the guidance of the Holy Spirit. How can Christians achieve harmonious coordination in the service of God? This article provides 3 principles for you.

4 Principles for Christians’ Interacting With Others

By Hanxiao In this complex society, we have to deal with all kinds of people every day. Each person’s personality, hobbies, habits, temperament, etc. are all different, so in our interactions some …

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