Why Do I Still Sin If I Am Saved? How Can I Be Free From Sin?

We are not truly cleansed though we believe in the Lord and are forgiven our sins. Only by accepting God’s final judgment can we be free from sin and enter the kingdom of heaven.
Jesus was ordinary in outward appearance, born in a manger but not a temple, and grew up in a carpenter’s home.

Will the Lord Jesus Arrive in the Image of a Jew?

Someone believes the Lord Jesus will arrive in the image of a Jew. Is it right? If the Lord returns in a different form, how can we recognize Him?

Inspiration From Temptation of Jesus: How to Overcome Temptation

The Lord Jesus overcame Satan’s temptations in only 3 sentences. From this we can see God’s words are the truth. Only when we gain the truth can we overcome Satan’s temptations.
The Lord Jesus’ appearing to thomas and allowed him to touch His hands with nail marks

Learn Lessons on Faith From the Lord Jesus’ Appearance to Thomas

Thomas’ faith was full of suspicion and not accepted by God. From the Lord Jesus’ appearance to Thomas, we should learn lessons about how to have true faith.
wise virgins listen to God's voice and attain God’s salvation of the last days

How to Avoid Missing God’s Salvation? Start by Knowing His Salvation

God has prepared full salvation for man in the last days. How should we practice so as not to miss the full salvation from God? This article will give you the answer and show you the way.
How to Treat Bible Prophecies Correctly

How to Treat Bible Prophecies Correctly? Avoid the Pharisees’ Failure

The Pharisees missed the arrival of the Messiah because of their imaginations. In the last days, how should we treat the prophecies of the Lord’s return and avoid becoming modern Pharisees?
when looking at the sky, think about it: can christians who have been dead gain eternal life?

Can Christians Who Have Been Dead Gain Eternal Life?

God is holy. Only by getting rid of sin and being cleansed can we gain eternal life. Christians who have been dead didn’t undergo God’s judgment work in the last days and were not cleansed. How can they gain eternal life?
God’s words outside the Bible

Jesus Didn’t Say All the Words in the Bible Are Inspired by God

Are all the words in the Bible inspired by God? Read this article to find out the history of the Bible and you’ll distinguish between God’s word and man’s word.

What Is True Salvation? Why Once Saved Doesn’t Mean Always Saved

Forgiveness of sin doesn’t mean being truly saved. What is being truly saved? This article explains to you the true meaning of salvation from 4 aspects.
2018 Blood Moon to Reappear - The Great, Terrible Day of Jehovah Approaches

Blood Moon to Reappear – The Great, Terrible Day of Jehovah Approaches!

On the night of July 27th, 2018, a rare celestial spectacle—the blood moon, will reappear. What does it mean that the blood moon frequently appears? As Christians, how should we view this phenomenon?
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