I Gained a New Knowledge of the Bible and Welcomed the Lord’s Return by Watching Films

I once held that any belief that departs from the Bible is a heresy. Later, I gained a new knowledge of the Bible and welcomed the Lord’s return by watching films.

How One Film Helped Me Welcome the Lord’s Return

I longed to welcome the Lord’s return but didn’t know how. Later, a film enabled me to welcome the Lord’s return unexpectedly. Read to learn more.

Jesus Didn’t Say All the Words in the Bible Are Inspired by God

Are all the words in the Bible inspired by God? Read this article to find out the history of the Bible and you’ll distinguish between God’s word and man’s word.

Discussion: Are There God’s Words Outside the Bible?

Are there God’s words outside the Bible? After a discussion, we have a new understanding.

Does Believing in the Lord Means to Believe in the Bible

A heated debate tells you whether believing in the Lord means to believe in the Bible and the relationship between the Bible and God.

God’s Word Is Not Limited in Bible!

I always thought outside the Bible there were no God’s work and word. Until I listened to the fellowship in a movie did I understand that God’s word is not limited in the Bible.

Who Has Added to the Bible?

I only knew man shouldn’t add to or take away from the Bible, but I didn’t know what adding or taking away is. A fellowship made me understand this crucial truth.

Should Believers in God Never Stray From the Bible?

Many of us think since we believe in God, we cannot leave the Bible, or it is betraying God. However, does believing in the Bible equal believing in God?

I Believe in God Not the Bible

I once thought that believing in God is believing in the Bible, we can’t believe in God without the Bible. A fortuitous meeting helped me realize my thought was wrong.

Is God’s Work Done According to the Bible?

Is God’s Work Done According to the Bible? After Fellowship, I understood God comes first and then the Bible. God’s work precedes the records of God’s work.

Hot Discussion! Are All the Words in the Bible God’s Words?

I always believe that all scripture is given by the inspiration of God and it is all the words of God, but from a hot discussion on a gospel forum, I came to understand that my viewpoints are not in line with God’s intention.

All Scripture, Inspired by God? What Is the Truth?

By Linglong Speaking of the Bible, each of us shows great respect to it. For thousands of years, no other book can take its sacred place in the hearts of us Christians. Since I began to believe in th…

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