God incarnate and lives among man

3 Aspects to Reveal Mysteries of Work of God Incarnate and Work of the Spirit

God can work in the Spirit, and can also do His work through incarnation. Do you know the mysteries contained within?
Jesus Christ come to do His work in the flesh

Why Did the Lord Jesus Come to Do His Work in the Flesh

Why did Jesus Christ God come to do His work in the flesh in the Aage of Ggrace? There are three aspects of significance.
Lord Jesus became man’s sin offering, the salvation in the Age of Grace

Why the Lord Jesus Became Flesh to Carry Out His Work?

Why did Jesus become flesh to do His work? What is the significance of God’s work in His incarnation? I got the answer from a book of truth.
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Is the Saying of the Trinity From God?

Many believers in the Lord acknowledge that God is the Trinity. Is the saying from God or man? This article guides you to explore it.
Why Does the Lord Jesus’ Appearance Look Ordinary?

Why Does the Lord Jesus’ Appearance Look Ordinary?

By Mu Zhen The Bible said, “Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: But made himself of no reputation, and took on him the form of a servant, and was made...
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What Does Christ Mean? Is It Right For Paul to Call Himself Christ?

We all know that the Lord Jesus is Christ, but Paul called himself Christ. What on earth is Christ? Does it after God’s heart that Paul called himself Christ? A book of truth solved the confusion.

There Is Only One God, Why Is There the Idea of Father and Son?

By Xiaoxiao, France The sky was clear, and the sun’s golden rays lit up the earth. Green grass was waving in the breeze; flowers were in bloom; twittering birds were scampering in the trees. On such a beautiful morning, Tian...
The Lord Jesus Being God, Why Did He Pray to God

The Lord Jesus Being God, Why Did He Pray to God of Heaven? – Knowing Jesus

By Zhen Xin We all know that the Lord Jesus was incarnated and performed the redemptive work, and all who believe in the Lord affirm that the Lord Jesus is the Savior. However, the Bible records that after the Lord...
What Does Christ Mean

What Does “Christ” Mean? – Bible Study

By Xie Shang, Shanxi Province As Christians, we are all familiar with the word “Christ.” Because we pray in the holy name of Jesus Christ every day, we believe the Lord Jesus is Christ. Some people may say, “Christ means...
The Birth of Lord Jesus - God Incarnate

God Incarnate Is Forever God in Whatever Family He Was Born

Fallacy: The CCP government claims Almighty God whom the believers of the Eastern Lightning believe in, also called Practical God, is an ordinary person, because it knows His family background clearly. Rebuttal: The words of the CCP government expose one...
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