There Is Only One God, Why Is There the Idea of Father and Son?

By Xiaoxiao, France The sky was clear, and the sun’s golden rays lit up the earth. Green grass was waving in the breeze; flowers were in bloom; twittering birds were scampering in the trees. On suc…

The Lord Jesus Being God, Why Did He Pray to God of Heaven?

By Zhen Xin We all know that the Lord Jesus was incarnated and performed the redemptive work, and all who believe in the Lord affirm that the Lord Jesus is the Savior. However, the Bible records th…

What Does "Christ" Mean?

By Xie Shang As Christians, we are all familiar with the word “Christ.” Because we pray in the holy name of Jesus Christ every day, we believe the Lord Jesus is Christ. Some people may say, “…

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