What Must I Do to Be Saved and Enter God’s Kingdom?

Everyone wants to enter into God’s kingdom, but what must we do to be saved and enter God’s kingdom? Read this article to learn more.

Breaking Free From Sin Is a Path to the Kingdom of God

The Lord Jesus said, “Not every one that said to Me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven.” Through fellowship, I understood only by breaking free from sin can we be qualified to enter the kingdom of God.

What Is Forgiveness of Sin? Can People Enter the Kingdom of God After Being Forgiven of Sin?

Can people enter the kingdom of God after being forgiven of sin? After seeking, he knew what is forgiveness of sin and found the way to the kingdom of God.

Where Is the Kingdom of God? The Answer Is in the Lord’s Prayer

Where is the kingdom of God? Is it really in heaven? The Lord’s prayer in the Bible has long ago told us the answer. Read this article to learn the mystery of the kingdom of God.

Can Those Who Are Living in Sin Enter Into the Kingdom of Heaven?

Can those who often live in sin be raptured into the kingdom of heaven? After fellowshiping, I got the answer and found the way of getting rid of sin and entering into the kingdom of heaven.

Can One Enter the Kingdom of Heaven by Working Hard?

By Hua Mei Part One: Years of Working for the Lord Lu Xunguang staggers to the window. The moonlight gently sprinkles on his body. At this time, he is in a whirlwind of thought, and the scenes of se…

Can Sinners Enter the Kingdom of Heaven? Here’s the Answer

If we work for the Lord but still often sin, can we enter the heavenly kingdom? We’ve found the answer after some fellowships.

Why Is Working Hard Not the Criterion for Entering the Kingdom of Heaven

Why is working hard not the criterion for entering the kingdom of heaven? I understood it after a fellowship.

Do You Know the 3 Standards for Measuring Whether One Can Enter the Kingdom of Heaven?

All believers in the Lord hope to enter the kingdom of heaven. However, do you know the criteria for entering it? This article will reveal the answer to you.

Unbelievable, God’s Kingdom Is on Earth

I have long thought that God’s kingdom is in heaven, but after a discussion in a meeting, I understood that God’s kingdom is on earth.

How Can Those Living in the Sins Enter the Kingdom of Heaven?

The Lord Jesus did forgive our sins, but we are still living in a circle of sinning and confessing. Then how can we enter the kingdom of heaven without being purified?

If We Follow Our Pastors, Can We Enter the Kingdom of Heaven?

I’ve always believed that the pastors and elders are familiar with the Bible and working hard, then they’re certainly able to enter the kingdom of heaven in the end and guide us to enter it. But a passage of God’s words made me know who is our guide to the kingdom of heaven.

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