Does “It Is Finished” Mean All of God’s Work Have Been Completed?

Many Christians believe that, by saying “It is finished,” the Lord Jesus meant that God’s work to save mankind was completely finished, and that we are freed from sin and cleansed. But is this really the case? Read this article to learn the true meaning of “It is finished.”

Matthew 19 Commentary: Why Is It Hard for a Rich Man to Enter the Kingdom of God?

Why did the Lord Jesus say that it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God? Reading this Matthew 19 commentary will help you understand God’s will.

From the Origins of Easter Know the Meaning of Jesus’ Resurrection

Read this article and you’ll know the meaning of Jesus’ resurrection from the origins of Easter.

3 Aspects of Significance Behind Resurrection of Jesus Christ

What does the resurrection of Jesus Christ indicate? You can learn 3 major significance behind the resurrection of Jesus Christ by reading this article.

The True Meaning Behind Jesus’ Last Words “It Is Finished”

Do Jesus’ last words “It is finished” upon the cross really mean that God’s work was totally finished? Read this article to know its true meaning and master the key points of receiving God’s salvation.

Why Was Thomas’ Faith Not Approved by the Lord Jesus?

The faith of Thomas and the faith of the Canaanite woman are completely different. Do you know why the Lord Jesus did not approve Thomas’ faith? You’ll get the answer from this article.

Jesus Being Crucified Is Not the Completion of the Work of Salvaiton

Many Christians reckon that when Jesus said “It is finished” while nailed to the cross, it meant that all of God’s work was completed then. Actually, there is still the work He has not finished.

Jesus’ Will Behind the Parable of the Sower

Why did the Lord Jesus always speak in parables when He preached to the disciples? What was His will behind the parable of the sower?

Know God’s Righteousness From the Miracle of Five Loaves and Two Fish

The Lord Jesus used 5 loaves and 2 fish to feed five thousand people, which manifests not only God’s authority but God’s righteousness. God has different attitudes regarding different kinds of people.

Reflections on the Story of Jesus Healing the Blind Man: How Should We Welcome Jesus

The story of Jesus healing the blind man shows us the attitudes of three types of people toward the Lord, and also makes us reflect on how to welcome the Lord Jesus.

Inspiration From Temptation of Jesus: How to Overcome Temptation

The Lord Jesus overcame Satan’s temptations in only 3 sentences. From this we can see God’s words are the truth. Only when we gain the truth can we overcome Satan’s temptations.

Learn Lessons on Faith From the Lord Jesus’ Appearance to Thomas

Thomas’ faith was full of suspicion and not accepted by God. From the Lord Jesus’ appearance to Thomas, we should learn lessons about how to have true faith.

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