the Coming of the Lord

Do Not Blindly Believe Others’ Words in Regard to the Coming of the Lord

Blindly believing others’ words, the Jews didn’t study or examine the Lord’s work, and finally resisted the Lord Jesus. How should we approach the coming of the Lord?
what does the bible say about the true christ

3 Principles on How to Discern the True Christ and False Ones

How to discern the true christ and false ones? This article will give you 3 principles, you will be able to discern the true Christ and false ones.
We can discern between the true way and false ways according to God’s words

3 Important Principles for Discerning the True Way and False Ways

As long as we grasp these 3 principles for discerning the true way and false ways, when the Lord Jesus comes, we won’t be afraid of being deceived by heresy or false ways.
watch video and fellowship, find true church

Grasping 2 Principles Helps You Find the True Church

The faith of the believers has grown cold. Many true believers are searching for the true church. Here are 2 principles of differentiating between the true church and false ones: First, see whether the church has the Holy Spirit’s work ...
wise virgins listen to God's voice and attain God’s salvation of the last days

2 Imperative Ways to Get Ready for Jesus’ Return

Basically all the prophecies of Jesus’ return have been fulfilled. How can we get ready to welcome Jesus’ return? Here are 2 imperative ways: 1. Ready Our Spiritual Ears and Learn to Hear the Lord’s Voice …
The Lord Jesus has returned and knocked at the door, have you welcomed the Lord Jesus

How Are People to Know That the Lord Jesus Has Returned?

“But of that day and hour knows no man” doesn’t mean nobody knows Jesus’ second coming. Other Bible prophecies confirm that. How to recognize the voice of God? After Jesus returns, He’ll speak to us and save us.
Peter heard God's voice and follow God's footsteps

How to Hear God’s Voice and Welcome Second Coming of Jesus Christ

The prophecies of the second coming of Jesus Christ have been fulfilled. How can we be wise virgins to welcome Him? The key is to focus on hearing God’s voice.
Walk Out of Desolate Church, Regain the Holy Spirit’s Work

Walk Out of Desolate Church, Regain the Holy Spirit’s Work

Thank God that He heard my prayers, and guided me to walk out of the desolate church and regain the Holy Spirit’s work.
the church is empty

Preacher’s Confusion: What to Do When Believers’ Faith Feels Cold?

The brothers and sisters become cold in faith, but the preacher Xunguang has nothing to preach. Through writing a letter to seek help, he finally found the reason.
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Have You Gained God’s Greatest Grace for Man?

Many brothers and sisters have gained so much of God’s grace. However, have you gained God’s greatest grace for man?
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