Why Do I Still Sin If I Am Saved? How Can I Be Free From Sin?

We are not truly cleansed though we believe in the Lord and are forgiven our sins. Only by accepting God’s final judgment can we be free from sin and enter the kingdom of heaven.
wise virgins listen to God's voice and attain God’s salvation of the last days

How to Avoid Missing God’s Salvation? Start by Knowing His Salvation

God has prepared full salvation for man in the last days. How should we practice so as not to miss the full salvation from God? This article will give you the answer and show you the way.

What Is True Salvation? Why Once Saved Doesn’t Mean Always Saved

Forgiveness of sin doesn’t mean being truly saved. What is being truly saved? This article explains to you the true meaning of salvation from 4 aspects.

“Salvation” – Do You Know 2 Myths About Salvation?

What is salvation? Do you know 2 myths about salvation? This movie gives you the answer and interprets the true meaning of salvation.
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Being Baptized Doesn’t Mean Being Reborn and Saved

Being baptized doesn’t mean being reborn and saved. What does being baptized refer to? How can we be saved? This article gives you the answer.

I Have Found the True Path to Be Born Again

I’ve finally found the path to being truly cleansed, followed the footsteps of the Lamb, and walked on the path to true repentance and rebirth.

I Have Found the Way to Be Always Saved

“Once saved, always saved.” is this statement based on the Lord’s word? How can we be always saved?
Once Saved Always Saved

Once Saved, Always Saved? – Fact or Fiction?

Once saved, always saved? Is it true? A Bible study solved my confusion ...
What Kind of People Can Gain God’s Salvation?

What Kind of People Can Gain God’s Salvation?

Every Christian yearns to gain the Lord’s salvation and be raptured into the kingdom of heaven. But what kind of people can gain God’s salvation?
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Understand True Meaning of Being Saved!

By Liu Juan One day, two believers of the Church of Almighty God came to spread the gospel to me. As soon as I heard them I knew they were preaching Eastern Lightning. Then I refused tactfully, “I have something...
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