How do God’s three stages of work gradually deepen so that people may be saved and perfected?

Relevant Words of God: The entire management of God is divided into three stages, and in each stage, fitting requirements are made of man. Furthermore, as the ages pass and progress, God’s requirem…

The relationship between each of the three stages of God’s work

Relevant Words of God: From the work of Jehovah to that of Jesus, and from the work of Jesus to that of this current stage, these three stages cover in a continuous thread the entire gamut of God’s…

What Is God’s Salvation According to the Bible?

In the Age of Law and the Age of Grace, mankind gained salvation from God. What is God’s salvation according to the Bible? How can we gain God’s salvation in the last days?

Why Do I Still Sin If I Am Saved? How Can I Be Free From Sin?

Why do I still sin if I am saved? It is because having been absolved from sin doesn’t mean being purified of sin. How can we be free from sin? Read this article to find the path.

Does Christian Baptism Mean Being Reborn?

Why are Christian still unable to get rid of the bound of sin after being baptized? Does Christian baptism really mean being reborn? This article will tell you the answers and the true meaning of being reborn.

Does “Once Saved Always Saved” Have Any Basis in the Bible?

Is “once saved always saved” based on the Bible? Is this concept approved by God? Read this article to get the answers.

I Understood the True Meaning of Salvation and How to Stop Sinning

Many Christians believe that if they are saved, they are able to enter the kingdom of heaven. Through fellowship, I understood the true meaning of salvation and how to stop sinning.

Can having good behavior represent purification and entry into the kingdom of heaven?

Gospel Q&A You say that people who believe in God must accept God’s work of judgment in the last days, and only then can their corrupt disposition be purified and they themselves be saved by Go…

How do we experience God’s judgment and chastisement so that we can get rid of our sinful nature and achieve salvation?

Gospel Q&A We accept God’s work of the last days, but how do we experience God’s judgment and chastisement so that we can receive the truth and life, get rid of our sinful nature, and achieve…

Being Saved vs Attaining True Salvation

Just what is it to be saved or to attain true salvation? This is the great mystery of faith in God. In the past, all people who believed in God held on to human conceptions and imaginings about this. …

Is Once Saved Always Saved True? Here Is the Answer

Once saved, we are always saved and then can enter the kingdom of heaven. Is this view correct? Being truly saved is not that simple. Read this article to learn the true meaning of being saved and find the way to true salvation.

Why Is the Lord Jesus Called the Lamb of God Who Redeemed Mankind?

The Lord Jesus is the Lamb of God, and is also called the redeeming Lamb. What is the meaning behind it? Read this article to find the answer and know the significance of the work of redemption done by the Lord Jesus.

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