How to Handle Biblical Prophecies to Welcome the Lord

How to Handle Biblical Prophecies to Welcome the Lord

There are lots of verses in the Bible prophesying the Lord’s coming in the last days. How should we, as Christians, handle these biblical prophecies so that we may welcome the Lord’s return?
blood moon prophecy, super blood wolf moon 2019

“Super Blood Wolf Moon” Is to Appear—Jewish Rabbi: The End of the World Is Near

According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), at 9:36 p.m. on January 20, 2019, the “Super Blood Wolf Moon” will start to appear. This is another rare astronomical spectacle after the “Super Blue Blood Moon” on January 31,...
how will the lord jesus return in the end times

How Will the Lord Jesus Return in the End Times?

The Lord’s return will be done in stages: The first stage is His secret return as the Son of man in the flesh; after that He will openly descend on a cloud and appear to all.
what does the bible say about the judgment of the Great White Throne

What’s the Great White Throne Judgment? How Will It Be Done?

God expresses the truth and does the work of judgment beginning at the house of God on a group of chosen people. This is the real meaning of the great white throne judgment prophesied in Revelation.
christmas gift,remmber the love of jesus

On Christmas Days, Do We Still Remember the Lord Jesus’ Love For Man?

On Christmas days, do we still remember the Lord Jesus’ love for man while having a good time? John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not...
The Lord Jesus has returned and knocked at the door, have you welcomed the Lord Jesus

Reveal the Mystery of “the Coming of the Son of Man” From 4 Aspects

The Lord predicted that the Son of man would come in the last days. Then what is the true meaning of “the coming of the Son of man?” In fact, the Lord Jesus’ words have explained it very clear.
who don’t believe God’s words will be the same as those who were drowned by the flood in the time of Noah.

The Warnings Noah’s Ark Gives to the People of the End Times

Most people are familiar with the story of Noah building the ark, but what warnings does God give us through it? Now, it is already the last days and the days of Noah have come. How can we survive the end-time destruction by God’s care as Noah’s family of ...
Jesus was ordinary in outward appearance, born in a manger but not a temple, and grew up in a carpenter’s home.

Will the Lord Jesus Arrive in the Image of a Jew?

Someone believes the Lord Jesus will arrive in the image of a Jew. Is it right? If the Lord returns in a different form, how can we recognize Him?
How to Treat Bible Prophecies Correctly

How to Treat Bible Prophecies Correctly? Avoid the Pharisees’ Failure

The Pharisees missed the arrival of the Messiah because of their imaginations. In the last days, how should we treat the prophecies of the Lord’s return and avoid becoming modern Pharisees?
2018 Blood Moon to Reappear - The Great, Terrible Day of Jehovah Approaches

Blood Moon to Reappear – The Great, Terrible Day of Jehovah Approaches!

On the night of July 27th, 2018, a rare celestial spectacle—the blood moon, will reappear. What does it mean that the blood moon frequently appears? As Christians, how should we view this phenomenon?
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