How to Approach Bible Prophecies in Accord With God’s Will

Everyone wants to understand the true meaning of Bible prophecies, especially the prophecies about the Lord’s coming. After seeking, I understand how to approach Bible prophecies in accord with God’s will.

How to Handle Biblical Prophecies to Welcome the Lord

There are lots of verses in the Bible prophesying the Lord’s coming in the last days. How should we, as Christians, handle these biblical prophecies so that we may welcome the Lord’s return?

6 Prophecies Have Fulfilled; Have You Welcomed the Return of the Lord Jesus?

Zheng Xun Now, it is the end of the last days. Many brothers and sisters, who truly believe in the Lord and wait for His return, must have such questions: The Lord Jesus has said, “And, behold, I c…

How to Treat Bible Prophecies Correctly? Avoid the Pharisees’ Failure

The Pharisees missed the arrival of the Messiah because of their imaginations. In the last days, how should we treat the prophecies of the Lord’s return and avoid becoming modern Pharisees?

Bible Prophecy: Manner of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

The manner of the second coming of Jesus Christ has always been a controversial topic for believers.In which manner will Jesus come again? How should we welcome Jesus’ appearance?

What Does “Midnight” in the Lord’s Prophecy Refer to?

The Lord prophesied, “And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom comes; go you out to meet him”. What does “Midnight” refer to? Now I finally understand.

Seeking What “the Book” in Revelation Refers to

I always thought the book mentioned in Revelation was the Bible, but I found it referred to something else after I carefully studied the Bible verses.

How Should We Treat Biblical Prophecies About the Second Coming?

By Chenyan There are a lot of prophecies of the Lord’s return in the Bible. Every Christian is familiar with them. Especially we who are anxiously expecting the Lord’s return even want to properl…

How Will Prophecies About the Second Coming of Jesus Christ in the Bible Come True?

Each genuine follower of the Lord Jesus is expecting Him to come back soon so that his wish for years could be realized. And he can receive the Lord’s promise and enjoy His blessings. Especially i…


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