Jesus was ordinary in outward appearance, born in a manger but not a temple, and grew up in a carpenter’s home.

Will the Lord Jesus Arrive in the Image of a Jew?

Someone believes the Lord Jesus will arrive in the image of a Jew. Is it right? If the Lord returns in a different form, how can we recognize Him?
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Does the Lord Come to Do Work in the Flesh or in a Spiritual Body?

How does the Lord come to do work? Some think that He will come as the Son of man, and some think He will appear to people in a spiritual body. Then through an online fellowship, I come to understand it.
When Taking His Believers, Will the Lord Jesus Return in the Spiritual Body or in the Flesh

When Taking His Believers, Will the Lord Jesus Return in the Spiritual Body or in the Flesh? – Bible Study

Nowadays, the last days have arrived. I believe that the brothers and sisters from different denominations and sects are all paying close attention to the return of the Lord Jesus. The Lord once promised us: “I go to prepare a...

What Is God’s Judgement? How Will He Do the Judgement Work?

God’s Judgement can make us free from sin, be saved by God, and enter His kingdom. How will He do the judgement work? Read this article and get the latest knowledge of God’s Judgement.
My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me

How to Welcome Jesus’ Return to Be After God’s Will

There are two kinds of prophecies about the second coming of Jesus—come with clouds publicly and descend secretly. If we only wait for His public arrival, we may lose the chance to meet Him.
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If We Just Wait for the Lord to Descend With Clouds, Will We Really Be Able to Meet Him?

The Bible prophesied that there are two ways in which the Lord will return. If we only wait for the Lord to descend with the clouds, we will likely miss the chance to welcome the second coming of Jesus.

Do You Know How the Prophecies of the Lord’s Return Are Fulfilled

Do you know how the prophecies about the second coming of Jesus are fulfilled? What is the method of the Lord’s arrival? This article gives you the answer.
A Discussion About the Lord’s Return (3)

3 South Korean Pastors’ Discourse on the Prophecies of the Lord’s Second Coming

By An Ming One day, it was drizzling. Some pedestrians held umbrellas and some walked in the rain leisurely. Pastor Lee, Pastor Kim and Preacher Ju are famous pastors and preachers in the Korean churches. In the afternoon, after finishing...
Persecuted Christian's Memory

Have You Noticed the Signs of the Second Coming?

By Lin Hua In the church, Pastor Zhu who wore a suit and leather shoes was standing at the pulpit, with a Bible in his hand. He preached: “Brothers and sisters, the prophecies of the Lord’s return in the Revelation...
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Will the Lord Jesus Descend Only With Clouds When He Returns?

Besides arriving on clouds, there is another way of the second coming of Jesus recorded in the Bible. We should investigate from two aspects so that we won’t miss out on the chance to welcome His second coming.
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