If Lord Has Come in Secret, Will You Seek and Investigate?

How does the Lord come again? If someone preaches that the Lord has come in secret, will you seek and investigate?

When the Son of Man Comes, How Can We Recognize Him?

If the Lord comes again and appears to us in the image of the Son of man, how can we recognize Him?

Reveal the Mystery of Great Glory

By Yufei After a Bible study meeting, Pastor Huang left hurriedly, clutching the Bible under his arm. I and several other co-workers began to talk about today’s meeting. Sister Li looked thoughtful…

Why Haven’t We Welcome the Second Coming of Jesus?

By Xiaowei, the United States Recently, I saw some believers asked in a post on Facebook, “Now is already the last days and the prophecies of the Lord’s return have basically all been fulfilled, …

Will the Lord Come Openly on Clouds or Come Hidden as a Thief?

By Xiaoxi Shufen was a co-worker of a church. During her fifteen years of believing in the Lord, she had been actively serving in the church and been yearning for the Lord to soon return and raise he…

Will the Lord Jesus Come as a Thief or Come Upon a Cloud?

Bai Xue Jin Hua fetched Sister Zheng and Sister Yang (back from another province) from the railway station. After they three had lunch, she put them to bed. Jin Hua was about to lie down and take a n…

What’s the Relationship Among Jehovah, Jesus and the Almighty?

Huiyong Since I believed in the Lord, I have prayed to God in the name of “Jesus” in everything. One day, I found that the Israelites all called upon God’s name “Jehovah” in the Old Testame…

In What Way Will the Lord Jesus Make His Return?

What exactly is meant by “the coming of the Son of man”? In what way will the Lord Jesus make His return?

It Is Said in the Bible that the Lord Will Come Upon a Cloud With Glory. But You’re Saying that the Lord Has Become Flesh in Secret. Why Are They Different?

Question 1: The Lord said He will come back and take us to the kingdom of heaven. However, what you’re saying is that the Lord has become flesh to do the work of judgment in the last days. It is sai…

In What Manner Will the Lord Appear to Man When He Comes Again?

Question: You have told us that the Lord Jesus has returned and He's been incarnated to do His work. We all know that the Lord Jesus was the incarnation of God. Once His work was finished, He was cruc…

God’s Name-What’s the Name of the Returned Lord Jesus in the Last Days?

Focus on God’s Names: Mystery Series of Jehovah, Jesus and the Almighty: God’s Name—What’s the Name of the Returned Lord Jesus in the Last Days? Through the former two fellowships, many brot…

How Will Prophecies About the Second Coming of Jesus Christ in the Bible Come True?

Each genuine follower of the Lord Jesus is expecting Him to come back soon so that his wish for years could be realized. And he can receive the Lord’s promise and enjoy His blessings. Especially i…

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