I Finally Get Along Well With My Husband

By Chen Jing, Italy

a happy couple on on the mountian

I wore the pants in family, so I couldn’t get on well with my husband.

When I was young, I was spoiled by my parents and my brothers and sisters also indulged me very much. I neither did any hard work in my family nor suffered any injustice. Growing up in such an environment, I became insolent, willful, and self-righteous. I was self-centered in doing everything and refused to accept others’ different ideas. It was as if my whole body were covered in thorns that no one could blame or touch me.

My husband was gentle. After marriage, he indulged me very much and I wore the trousers in our family. So, my words were just like imperial edicts. As long as I dictated something to him, he must do as I told him and didn’t dare to argue with me; if he dared to have another idea, I would keep arguing with him until he made a compromise.

In 2007, when we wanted to build our house, I thought it would be beautiful if we built two rooms plus a pergola on the third floor, but my husband considered the pergola not functional, and said it would be better to build another room. Hearing he had a different opinion, I got mad, so at that moment, no matter what he said, I stuck to my own thoughts and didn’t accept his opinion at all and complained about his lack of appreciation. When he told his thought to the builder, I got angry very much and kept a stiff face, being full of complaints in my heart. But for the sake of saving my face, I didn’t get mad immediately. I forced myself to hold back my temper and left these words: “Well, build this house as you like. From now on I will back off from all the things about our family.” And then I walked away. On seeing me getting angry, he gently tried to talk it over with me. Not a little could I listen to him, I said angrily: “Who exactly has the final say in our family, you or me?” He explained it to me, but I interrupted him at once and dressed him down. Seeing I insisted on my own opinion all the time, he finally made a compromise with me helplessly. Only then did I feel a little comfortable.

My husband liked playing cards, but he dared not play without my permission. One time I heard he was playing cards in our neighbor’s house, I thought to myself: “You dare to play behind my back! You really ignore me. Today I’ll teach you a lesson.” On my arrival at our neighbor’s, I shouted at him: “Stop playing and go home with me, now!” After that, I went home to pack my clothes up and wanted to divorce him. After a little while, he returned home. He saw I was about to leave home and so apologized to me immediately. I coldly said, “Let’s get divorced! I can’t live such a life. You go to marry a woman who likes gambling like you!” Aware of the unfavorable situation, he pressed his suit and swore that he would not play any longer, so I forgave him at last. From then on, he rarely went to play cards.

Because I was often disgruntled with my husband about trifles and threatened him with divorce frequently, before he spoke or acted, he had to watch my expressions and often sighed. Sometimes after I got mad at him, he was very helpless. In order to keep our family in harmony, he could only swallow his anger. Sometimes he kept smoking with his head down; sometimes he felt so hurt and resentful that he lost his temper at our child. Seeing this, I also felt uncomfortable in my heart. To tell the truth, I didn’t want to get mad, nor did I want to make him embarrassed. Every time after I argued with him and gained the upper hand, I wasn’t happy at all; on the contrary, I felt that I owed my husband too much and my heart was condemned, but I was unable to control my mood.

Led by God’s word, I had achieved initial changes.

Afterward, I was fortunate that I accepted the kingdom gospel of God. One time I read a paragraph of God’s words: “Did you ever realize what you are doing today— … considering yourselves as always right and better than others, being arrogant, and acting savagely like wild animals in mountains and rough like the king of the beasts—is this the likeness of a human being? You are rude and unreasonable.” After reading God’s words, I felt distressed in my heart. My behaviors were exactly the same as the revelations of God’s words. When I was a child, I was self-centered at home and asked my family to revolve round me. Once their doings weren’t agreeable to me, I would get mad. After marriage, I asked my husband to obey me in all things and to do as I told him. If he did it obediently, I would be happy and pleased; once he was disobedient to me or put forward different opinions, I would quarrel with him endlessly until he gave in. I thought carefully: He worked hard every day to provide for our family; however, not only did I not care for him, I also always lost my temper with him because his words and deeds were not after my heart. I always wouldn’t let it go until he made a compromise, and even turned my fury on him. I vented my emotions and revealed my naturalness in a willful way, so he felt especially restrained. He spoke or acted in front of me very carefully for fear that I was annoyed. He wasn’t as happy as before and sometimes he even would grumble a little. Because of my conduct, my husband and I couldn’t get on well with each other and our life wasn’t happy or blessed at all. Alas, everything was caused by my arrogant disposition. Did my living out have any likeness of a Christian?

God requires us neither to care for our own feelings nor to impose our ideas on others in our interactions of others. We should consider and tolerate others more. And then, I prayed to God and asked Him to lead me and give me the faith and courage to practice the truth. After that, when my husband’s speaking or acting wasn’t in line with my will, I prayed to God for guiding me to calm down and not to do things according to my flesh; after I cooled down, I talked things over with him. In daily life, I consciously cared for him. Before he returned home in the evening, I cooked meals and waited for him to eat together, showing great care for him and caring about his living. In addition, I would actively do more housework, lest he worry about it. Gradually, there were fewer quarrels between us and our relationship became a little more harmonious.

We were at odds again, and I learned the root of the problem.

One day, when my husband came back from his elder sister’s, he said to me: “Our brother-in-law wants to borrow some money from us.” Hearing that, I quickly asked him: “You’ve promised to lend them money, haven’t you?” He explained, “Yes, I have. But I didn’t say how much money we’ll lend them. I want to talk it over with you now.” On hearing his words, I flew into a fury, “You act first and report afterward. You’ve promised them already. Is there any need to talk with me? I can only agree. All right, you decide everything of our family from now on, and I won’t take care of anything.” On seeing me get angry again, he said, “Last time you said you would change yourself from then on, but I think you can still easily lose your temper as before and you haven’t achieved any change at all. Our sister and brother-in-law are always good to us. They often help us. Now they encounter difficulties and want to borrow some money from us, if I don’t agree to it, I will go against my conscience. Why are you always self-willed like a child? Don’t make a scene, will you?” Hearing his words, I realized my action wasn’t in line with God’s intentions, nor could I bear witness to God. But on thinking that my husband had decided for himself instead of talking it over with me in advance, I felt very uncomfortable in my heart. I worried that later he would do things according to his will without restriction, and then I wouldn’t have the final say. I really wasn’t reconciled to bowing my head to him. But I felt I wasn’t in line with God’s will if I got angry with him. I had conflict in my heart. In pain, I came before God to pray to Him for leading me to understand the truth and know His will.

Later on, I read another passage of God’s words: “Cruel, brutal mankind! The conniving and intrigue, the jostling with each other, the scramble for reputation and fortune, the mutual slaughter—when will it ever end? God has spoken hundreds of thousands of words, yet no one has come to their senses. … How many do not act for the sake of their own interests? How many do not oppress and discriminate against others for the sake of maintaining their own status?” And then I read these words in Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life: “They still stick to their old self, and want to establish their image and be the boss. They consider themselves to be the most honorable in their heart and let others submit to them. Isn’t this kind of people the most arrogant? Their dispositions of Satan are too severe. What is the core and essence of satanic dispositions and nature? That is arrogance, self-rightness, self-importance and self-righteousness.”

Through God’s words, I learned that I couldn’t get on well with my husband because I lived by the satanic laws of survival of “I am my own Lord throughout heaven and earth.” I always wanted to control others, govern them and let them obey me. In my real life, I always used the word “I” first when I spoke, and I placed my own will first. I asked my husband to do things according to my will and didn’t give him any right to explain his ideas. Either on the big thing of building a pergola, or on the small thing of playing cards, I controlled him and forced him to listen to me. If he didn’t, I would argue with him and wanted to get divorced. Wasn’t what I expressed the revelation of my arrogant nature? I governed and controlled him in all things. I really brought him trouble and hurt, and even I myself felt tortured and in pain because I often got mad. At this rate, how could my husband and I get on well with each other? How could our life be happy? Wasn’t this all because of the harm of Satan’s corrupt nature and satanic toxins? I had been too deeply corrupted by Satan. At this moment, I despised my conduct from my heart and hated Satan even more. I wanted to resolve my arrogant disposition and act according to God’s word.

I found the way and saw light again.

Following that, I read a passage of Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life: “In your home life, if people used to be in charge of your family, then you must remove them from their position. You must dispel all idols, make God’s words the master of your home, and allow Christ to rule. … And so, who really wields power in your home life? Is it you, your husband (or wife), or is it your children, or parents? Do you dare to write the words ‘Christ Is the Lord of My Home’ in your house? Do you dare to say to your husband (or wife), children, and parents, ‘Our family worships God. God’s words have begun to wield power, and from now onward, regardless of what problems we have, we shall solve them through prayer, and eating and drinking the words of God’? If you do it, and bring a complete end to a life of being ruled and reigned by the flesh….”

God requires us to do things according to His word and the truth in real life. Whoever speaks in accordance with the truth is who we should obey. We should let God’s word be the master and decision-maker and let the truth rule in our family. Because we are not truth and don’t have truth, how could we be qualified to force others to listen to ourselves? I always controlled my husband and forced him to listen to me. Didn’t I stand in God’s position? This offended God’s disposition. I had done things in this way for such a long time and thought I could protect my absolute authority in my family. I was truly offending and displeasing God. The consequence was so severe. From now on, I couldn’t consider myself to be the most honorable and be the master of all things in my family anymore. I must remove myself from the position. I need to let God and His word be in charge of my family. If my husband says something conforming to God’s word and the truth, I will listen to him. Only by doing things this way can I conform to God’s intentions. This is what a Christian should do.

At the time, I thought that regarding the matter of lending our elder sister money, my husband’s words were reasonable. Our elder sister helped us and was kind to our family. Even if she hadn’t helped us before, now she had difficulties, as her younger brother and sister-in-law, we also should do her a favor. It was appropriate that my husband promised to lend them some money. I shouldn’t stop him from doing that or even more find fault with him unreasonably just because he didn’t talk it over with me beforehand. Realizing that, I completely forgot my anger and began to talk it over with him calmly. Finally, we decided to lend 3000 yuan to our elder sister first.

With the word of god leading the way, I felt released in my heart.

At the noon of the Dragon Boat Festival in 2012, while I was cooking the meal, my husband went out. Before long he came back on a new motorbike and said to me: “This is the new motorbike I bought. What do you think of it?” When I saw the new motorbike, my heart felt stirred: “You are too hasty. Why did you buy it without talking it over with me? Did you think anything of me?” But then I thought that I shouldn’t suppress him in all things or impose my desires on him as before. He had his own thought and he could make the decision of what to buy according to his own requirements. I shouldn’t find fault with him unreasonably just in order to compete with him for superiority again. After thinking like this, I felt much more peaceful and released in my heart. I didn’t blame him, and changed the subject: “Why do you stand here? Wash your hands and get ready for lunch.”

Having found I was in tacit agreement with this matter, during the lunch, he smiled to me and said: “On my way home just now, I was thinking that you would surely get angry with me and brush me off for many days after you saw me riding the motorbike back. But, to my surprise, you didn’t get mad. It seems the God you believe in can really change people. Believing in God is so good! You are quite a different person. You are so good now.” Hearing his words, I knew this was a testament to the work of God. I kept thanking God for Him changing me.

After that, my husband also accepted the work of God in the last days and fulfilled his duty. We both began to lay great emphasis on pursuing the truth and enjoying God’s word every day. Our relationship was more and more harmonious and I had the feeling of sureness and joy in my heart. Afterward, regardless of whether big or small things of our family, I will actively talk them over with my husband, and we solve the difficulties and problems that we encounter according to God’s word and the truth in our life. We love and respect each other. No matter who speaks in line with the truth, we will obey the other, so the matters we face will be soon dealt with properly. Under the leading of God’s word, I have finally acted a little like a human and truly experienced it is God who saved and changed me. I offer my sincerest thanks and praise to God. To God be the glory!

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My Husband No Longer Chats With Women Online!

By Liu Tao Yang Liu and Xiang Ming got married through a matchmaker’s introduction. After marriage, though their life was not rich, Xiang Ming showed the utmost care and consideration for Yang Liu. When Yang Liu did the cooking, Xiang Ming was always her assistant. When going outside to stroll through streets or going shopping, they all went along with each other. The neighbors who saw them all said, “I find that you come everywhere in pairs. You are really an affectionate couple.” Yang Liu also thought that Xiang Ming was her closest confidant and was her lifetime reliance. After they had their lovely son, their family was even more filled with joy and they lived a steady and happy life. When their relative preached the gospel to them, their whole family all believed in the Lord Jesus. Later on, Yang Liu had the privilege of accepting God’s work of the last days. In the same year, they built a spacious and bright house. Xiang Ming didn’t accept God’s work of the last days, but he supported Yang Liu to believe in God, so their relationship was still enviable. However, not long after Xiang Ming worked in a grain and oil processing factory, Yang Liu found that he was a little different from the past. Several times, when they walked together, as soon as his phone rang, he would move away to answer it. Yang Liu guessed: Does Xiang Ming have the unfaithful intentions when he works outside? But when thinking that he treated her very well all the time and had paid a great price for the family, she considered he wouldn’t do that. Although she thought like this, she was still a little worried. Once, a message was sent to his phone as Xiang Ming fell asleep. Because of his abnormal changes, Yang Liu couldn’t help but read the message. It was sent by a female WeChat friend. She replied, “Would you be able to not chat with my husband?” But she never imagined that the female WeChat friend said, “It is not up to me. You should ask your husband. We chatted very happily! You’d better dominate your husband!” Yang Liu was filled with anger at the sight of that, so she turned her husband’s phone off. The next day, she warned Xiang Ming not to chat with female WeChat friends any more. He didn’t refute her, but he began to avoid her. When at home, he always finished meals at the fastest speed, and then looked for an excuse and went to other places to chat with the female net friends. One time, Yang Liu asked Xiang Ming in resentment, “Do you still want the family? Is playing WeChat to talk with female net friends important or am I important? Unexpectedly, he answered coldly, “The female net friends are more important. Now it is Internet age. Who doesn’t do like this, broadening connections and making friends with others? This is fashion!” Hearing her husband’s cold words, Yang Liu seemed to not know him who had lived with herself for over twenty years. Feelings of sorrow and desolation welled up in her heart. At that moment, she felt herself would be faint with anger. She thought about divorcing and leaving the home. But at the thought of her son needing a perfect family, she had to swallow it all up. From then on, Yang Liu and Xiang Ming separately lived in the eastern and western rooms. Though living under the same roof, they were like strangers. The happy family lost the former warmth and peace. Yang Liu felt agonized and stressful in her heart. She didn’t understand why Xiang Ming could become such a person now—a completely different person from before. With sorrow and distress, she could only pray and cry out to God over and over. One day, she saw these words of God, “One after another, all these trends carry an evil influence that continually degenerates man, that lowers their morals and their quality of character more and more, to the extent that we can even say the majority of people now have no integrity, no humanity, neither do they have any conscience, much less any reason. … For man who is not of sound body and mind, who never knows what is truth, who cannot tell the difference between positive and negative things, these kinds of trends one after another make them all willingly accept these trends, the life view, the life philosophies and values that come from Satan. They accept what Satan tells them on how to approach life and the way to live that Satan ‘bestows’ on them. They have not the strength, neither do they have the ability, much less the awareness to resist.” From God’s word, she understood: It was because of the influence of web and trends that her husband became like this and could say those words having no regard for their feelings as husband and wife. Thinking back, her husband was fairly fond of her, cherished and cared for their family very much, and had the sense of responsibility. But from the time when he worked in the grain and oil processing factory, under the influence of his colleagues and environment, he became obsessed with chatting on WeChat, always having his phone in his hands. He was deeply addicted to it and unable to extricate himself, totally neglecting their family, her or their son at all. Through the revelation of God’s word, Yang Liu understood: The culprit that have destroyed the happiness of their family is the evil influence brought by the social evil trends, is the WeChat app which occupies her husband’s heart every day, but not her husband, as he is just an innocent and pitiful victim. At that point, she didn’t resent him that much. She resolved to rely on God to fight the battle against satanic evil trends, bringing Xiang Ming back from the claws of Satan. By praying to God and relying on Him, she didn’t give Xiang Ming the cold shoulder as before. She began to speak with him from the heart actively and often read God’s word for him, talked about the harm that social trends bring to man and fellowshiped God’s will of saving man. Seeing the changes of Yang Liu’s attitude, Xiang Ming was able to sit down and had a heart-to-heart talk with her. One day, Yang Liu read two passages of God’s words to Xiang Ming, “The devil Satan does these things in order to lure people, to cause them to degenerate. For those who live in virtual worlds, they have no interest whatsoever in anything to do with the life of normal humanity; they are not in the mood to work or study. They are only concerned about going to virtual worlds, as though they are being enticed by something.” “So within an environment, whatever this environment instills in you, you then become; whatever it instills in you, you then obtain; however it controls you and leads you, in the end you become that kind of person. A man can become someone who is degenerate, evil, and bad in the extreme, and these things are what are brought to him by his environment. So who is the manipulator who controls this environment? What is its nature? … You become like this, and you don’t know when the change began, you’re unclear about it. You’re unclear on how this change has happened. Anyway, you have become who you are today. You don’t know how on earth you came to be this way, you’re unclear about why you took this path in the beginning, unclear about why you have now become like this; in short, you came to be this way in a state of confusion. This is the process of Satan’s corruption of man, and it is the method it uses, and people are therefore corrupted and degenerated in this way.” Yang Liu fellowshiped, “Xiang Ming, you were not like this before. You treated me well, treated our son well and also loved the family very much. But since you are addicted to chatting on WeChat, you have no longer taken care of son and me, and even sometimes you can’t hear me when I talked to you. Moreover, you have lost the normal life. I found that you didn’t know whether you were full when you ate meals, and just gorged some food and then went outside the dining room to play WeChat. You were also not in the mood to work, but were preoccupied with chatting online as well as those female net friends all day. It proves that you have been controlled by the evil trends. Xiang Ming, you seek temporary excitement and comfort when chatting with them, but have you given thought to this? Can chatting on the web really bring you happiness? Can you rely on chatting with these female net friends to spend the rest of your life? Looking around, how many families have broken up because of one side’s chatting online. Some women abandoned their husbands and children and ran off with male net friends; some men left their wives and children for female net friends and involved with them. Aren’t these tragedies caused by the evil trends raised up by Satan?We don’t have the truth and can’t see through Satan’s trickery, but today God’s word has revealed all the treacherous intentions of Satan. Satan is just using the Internet to tempt and corrupt us and make us live in passions and lusts, and enjoy the pleasure of sins so that it can reach its objective to devour us and make us perish together with it in the end. So, we can’t be fooled by Satan!” Hearing God’s word and Yang Liu’s fellowship, Xiang Ming felt very frightened and guilty. He said firmly, “Yang Liu, in the past, I thought people all did like this. It was not very serious. I even thought you were petty and made a fuss with me. Not until today do I understand this is Satan corrupting me. It wants to drag me to hell! It’s really the case. Sometimes I also knew it was not good to chat with net friends, which had influenced our feeling as husband and wife, and made me lose the sense of responsibility to our family. Especially when I saw you unhappy, I felt sad, too. And many time I have told myself never again to access WeChat, but I just couldn’t control my heart. Now I understand, this is Satan using online chats to deceive me and harm me. From now on, I can’t fall into Satan’s trickery any more. I will bring my mind back, and no longer indulge in WeChat. Let’s live well anew!” Hearing Xiang Ming’s words, Yang Liu felt warm in her heart and was greatly comforted. In order to prove his sincerity of repentance, Xiang Ming uninstalled the WeChat before Yang Liu. However, a week later, Yang Liu found Xiang Ming’s received WeChat messages on his phone again. When she questioned Xiang Ming, his face flushed scarlet. He promised her that he would no longer go on WeChat, and threw his phone into the burning cooking stove to prove his resolve of cutting off relations with those female net friends. Yang Liu realized the evil trends had poisoned Xiang Ming too deeply and she could only pray to God urgently, asking God to lead him to forsake the temptation of the evil trends and regain the life of a normal man. Later, when a sister of the church came to Yang Liu’s home to attend the meeting, she also communicated with Xiang Ming. They read two passages of God’s word, “Once these things are established in your mind, once they are stuck in your heart, it is just like a spell…. They influence your life, your outlook on life and they also influence your judgment of things. Even more so they influence your pursuit for the true path of life: This is indeed a spell! You try but you cannot shake them off; you chop at them but you cannot chop them down; you beat at them but you cannot beat them down. Is this not so? (Yes.)” “‘Satan uses so many different ways to corrupt man. It seizes every opportunity and is everywhere we turn. Can man still be saved?’ Is there still any hope for mankind? Can man save themselves? (No.) Can the Jade Emperor save man? Can Confucius save man? Can Guanyin Bodhisattva save man? (No.) So who can save man? (God.)” The sister fellowshiped, “Faced with Satan’s evil trends, if we rely on our own willpower to change that, it won’t do. We should rely on God with sincerity. And if we devote our mind to something serious, to seeking the truth, Satan won’t be able to sway our heart any more, because if we read more God’s word, we would be able to understand some truths and differentiate the evil trends of Satan, and then we will hate them naturally and will not be addicted to them and be deceived by them. As long as we rely on God, His word can resolve all our problems.” Xiang Ming made a deep nod. Henceforth, he attended meetings and read God’s word with Yang Liu. Gradually, his heart was not possessed by Internet chat; even if his phone was installed WeChat again, it couldn’t lure his heart. Yang Liu even heard Xiang Ming blame the female net friend several times for pestering him. Through reading God’s word and fellowshiping the truth, Xiang Ming clearly understood that WeChat is a means by which Satan occupies his heart, breaks up his family and even drags him to hell. Meantime, he could distinguish the positive and negative things, and could also quiet his heart before God to seek the truth. The family being on the verge of breaking regained the former laughter and chatter at last. One day, when Yang Liu and Xiang Ming read God’s word together, they saw the following, “All that Satan does is perfectly clear and understood by God. No matter what Satan does, no matter what trend it causes to arise, God knows all that Satan is trying to do, and God does not give up on those He has chosen. Instead, without attracting any attention, secretly, silently, God does everything that is necessary. When He begins work on someone, when He has chosen someone, He does not proclaim it to anyone, nor does He proclaim it to Satan, much less make any grand gesture. He just very quietly, very naturally does what is necessary.” “Only God is the truth. God controls the heavens and earth and everything in them and has dominion over all. Not to believe in God, not to submit to God is to be unable to obtain truth. If you live according to God’s word, you will feel a clarity, stability, and incomparable sweetness in the depths of your heart; you will have truly obtained life.” Both of them understood that if they hadn’t been led and saved by God’s word, if they hadn’t come before God, their family would have broken apart. They truly felt that God’s love is too great and too real. Yang Liu said, “When I was in pain and confusion, it was God who opened my heart with His word and made me see through Satan’s harm to us, the ignorant, so that I could have some understanding of my husband due to hating Satan and no longer resented and complained to him and could release myself from pain. When I prayed to God wholeheartedly and was willing to commit my husband into His hand, it was the leading of God’s word that made him see through Satan’s schemes, come back before Him, and no longer follow the social evil trends or continually degenerate. In my personal experiences, I realized: God’s word is the truth, the way, and the life. God’s word can make us have a clear understanding, can let us gain discernment and see through various schemes and trickeries of Satan poisoning man. God’s word is our most powerful weapon of resisting the attack of evil trends. With God’s word in our hearts, we will never be fooled or harmed by Satan. Thank God for leading my husband and bringing him back to his senses, and thank God more for saving my family. All the glory be to God!” You may be interested in this article: God’s Words Brought Me Out of My Marriage Risk – Spiritual Awakening

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How to Resolve the Marriage Risk Brought by the Social Network Apps?

When Zhiqiang and Linlin knew each other, both of them considered each other as their lifelong partner that they can entrust. Linlin was a college student at that time, so she told Zhiqiang she would marry him after she graduated. During that time, Zhiqiang’s family set their faces against their love relationship. They worried Linlin would break up with Zhiqiang. But Zhiqiang believed they were truly in love, and their love was impregnable. Zhiqiang’s family said resignedly: “You just walk one way to the end, and you will regret one day.” Linlin told Zhiqiang when she knew it: “I assure you, you are the only man I want to marry. No matter how hard life is, I’m willing to face any obstacle and stick it out with you.” Four-year long-distance love race finally ended. Linlin kept her promise when she graduated, she married Zhiqiang. They led a sweet life. The birth of their daughter brought a lot of joy to this family. When Zhiqiang came home after a busy day, Linlin would carry a basin of foot-bath water for him, she also prepared delicious dishes on the table. Zhiqiang gave all his mind to this home as well, he tried his best to provide everything his wife and child needed. Although their living condition was not good, and they also had difficulties, they all gave encourages, comfort and supports to each other. The family lived in peace and happiness. In 2012, Zhiqiang accepted the kingdom gospel of God, but he seldom attended meetings because of his busy work. One day, when Zhiqang came back home after work, Linlin consulted with him that she felt so lonely when she stayed at home during daytime, so she wanted to buy a smartphone to help the time pass. Zhiqiang agreed without hesitation. Since Linlin bought the phone, she couldn’t leave it all day long. There was no care to Zhiqiang as usual, no hot foot-bath water and no delicious dishes anymore, even less and less conversation with Zhiqiang. Sometimes Linlin gave him a cold shoulder when he was talking to her. Zhiqiang felt something wrong: Did she fall in love with other people? But when he thought back over the past ten years, Linlin bore hardship without complaints, and put her whole heart into this family, she shouldn’t do anything wrong to him, so Zhiqiang didn’t think too much about it. However, then Zhiqiang found there indeed was something wrong with his wife. Linlin put all the work away, and checked the phone in a hurry as soon as she got messages on Messenger. And she dodged deliberately in the bathroom, and chatted for half an hour every single time. Seeing her abnormal behavior, his mind was in a turmoil. He thought: Does she really cheat on me? I have to figure out what happened. Once Linlin went out for classmates reunion. She drank a lot of wine and she staggered back home. But she still chatted on Messenger attentively when she lay on the bed, and she was crying. Zhiqiang asked: “Why are you crying? Who are you chatting with? A man or a woman?” Linlin said, “A woman, nothing happened.” Zhiqiang grabbed the phone while Linlin was not paying attention, and she would wildly take the phone back. Zhiqiang avoided her and saw the dialogues in the phone. That guy said: “I know you love me so much, but my wife has already known our relationship …” Zhiqiang couldn’t keep looking. He flushed with anger and couldn’t control his emotion anymore. He raised his hand and gave her a slap across the face. This is the first time that Zhiqiang beat her. Linlin thought she was wrong, so she put her arms around her husband: “Please let me explain to you, we didn’t do any deviant behavior, we just chat casually, trust me!” Zhiqiang said angrily, “How can I believe in you? Can love be said casually to anyone? Don’t explain any more, our good life is over.” Linlin begged piteously to him, “Just forgive me this time, please.” Zhiqiang was in no mood for what she explained. He smashed the phone down on the concrete floor severely, yelling, “I’ll have you played more! I’ll have you played more!” The phone was broken immediately, and Zhiqiang’s heart was broken as well. Men only weep when deeply hurt. Zhiqiang couldn’t control the feeling of pain in his heart anymore when he knew his wife cheated on him. He shed tears, wondering: Why was their deep affection broken vulnerably? Why did his wife become like this? In the past, they helped and took care of each other when they had a bad living condition; now the living condition gets much better, but his wife cheats on him unexpectedly. In retrospect, Zhiqiang ignored parental objections and waited her for 4 years, he thought it would be an indestructible relationship. He never thought their relationship was broken just by Messenger. For the following several days, no matter how Linlin begged for Zhiqiang’s forgiveness, he couldn’t face the fact, living in pain and despair and losing the hope to this marriage completely. At this time, brothers and sisters came to Zhiqiang. They saw that his face creased up with sorrow, so they communicated that when the troubles and pains came to themselves, how they depended on God and how God’s words comforted and helped them out of the pains. Zhiqiang thought the communication of brothers and sisters were very actual, they all spoke their minds, and he was moving by that. He saw God’s actual love and mercy. So he opened his mind as well, pouring out his own bitterness in his heart to brothers and sisters. They comforted ZhiQiang, “Brother, don’t be too sad. Actually, human beings are all innocent. The degeneration of humanity is caused by Satan’s corruption. If we want to hate, we should hate Satan! Satan used evil trends to corrupt us. Especially, playing phones brings a lot of pain to many families. Let’s read some God’s words about this.” Then brothers and sisters read two passages of God’s words to him, “But to people, it seems like a world of gaiety and splendor, one that is becoming more and more so. When people look upon the world, their hearts are drawn to it, and many are unable to extricate themselves from it; great numbers will be beguiled by those who engage in trickery and sorcery. If you do not strive for progress, and are without ideals, you will be swept away by this sinful wave.” “We only wish to talk about the ideas that social trends bring about for people, the way they cause people to conduct themselves in the world, the life goals and outlook that they bring about in people. These are very important; they can control and influence man’s state of mind. One after another, all these trends carry an evil influence that continually degenerates man, that lowers their morals and their quality of character more and more, to the extent that we can even say the majority of people now have no integrity, no humanity, neither do they have any conscience, much less any reason. So what are these trends? You cannot see these trends with the naked eye. When the wind of a trend blows through, perhaps only a small number of people will become the trendsetters. They start off doing this kind of thing, accepting this kind of idea or this kind of perspective. The majority of people, however, in the midst of their unawareness, will still be continually infected, assimilated and attracted by this kind of trend, until they all unknowingly and involuntarily accept it, and are all submerged in and controlled by it. For man who is not of sound body and mind, who never knows what is truth, who cannot tell the difference between positive and negative things, these kinds of trends one after another make them all willingly accept these trends, the life view, the life philosophies and values that come from Satan. They accept what Satan tells them on how to approach life and the way to live that Satan ‘bestows’ on them. They have not the strength, neither do they have the ability, much less the awareness to resist.” By looking at God’s word and listening to the communion of brothers and sisters, Zhiqiang’s locked eyebrows were gradually opened. He understood that those people who did not come to God were all fooled by Satan, living in the evil trends, and they didn’t have abilities to resist Satan’s temptations and distinguish between positive and negative things. Looking back to the past, his wife was a gentle, considerate and family-centered person, but since she became fascinated by Messenger, she has become another person. She became crazy about it all the time and didn’t have mind to do anything, only thought of the Messenger. She lost her sense of family responsibility for a long time, which led her to do unethical things. In fact, in the modern society, lots of happy families are broken in this way. Online chatting and online dating have caused more and more serious conflicts between family, and finally they ended in a divorce. Children also lost the warmth of the family and were physically and mentally harmed. At this time, Zhiqiang’s heart was relieved a lot, thinking: Yeah, my wife is also one of the victims who are corrupted by the evil trends. I am just too busy to spend time and energy on Messenger, otherwise, I am also likely to make the same mistake like my wife has done. At this point, Zhiqiang’s heart was full of gratitude to God. But for God’s mercy, and that God moved brothers and sisters in time to communicate God’s word with him, and help him know the reasons why his wife cheated on him and see through Satan’s means and the truth of corruption for people, he would certainly still live in the resentment of his wife, even couldn’t recover after a setback, his family would also be faced with being broken. Zhiqiang heartily thanked God for His true love and salvation. Since then, Zhiqiang actively participated in the meetings. In the word of God, he understood a lot of truths, his wounded heart was soothed for a little bit, and he forgave his wife completely. After Linlin had this bitter lesson, she was willing to repent, and return to the family. The family was restored to its usual stable and peaceful life again. Nowadays, Zhiqiang no longer believed in God with a sloppy attitude, but he devotes more time to communicate the word of God with brothers and sisters. Now he lives a fulfilling life every day.

2017-11-20 17:30:36

I Survived the Caesarean Section!

During the caesarean section, I was in danger many times. Even the doctor could not help. It was God who showed me miracles time after time.

2018-01-13 11:54:55

No Longer Complain About Husband

Pursuing romantic love caused her to complain about and nitpick at her husband for many years. She suffered unspeakably and nearly got divorced. Let’s see how God’s word made her gain the real happiness.

2018-01-13 11:18:11