I Gain the Greatest Grace of God After Understanding the Relationship Between the Bible and God’s Work

By Fangxia, South Korea

In 2018, I finally welcomed the Lord’s return and attended the wedding feast of the Lamb, enjoying the watering and sustenance of the living waters. But I’m filled with regret every time I think of how time after time I rejected God’s work of the last days, nearly missing out on my chance to meet with the Lord.

Missing a Wonderful Opportunity Due to My Notions

Ten years ago when I was in China, there was a sister who shared the gospel with me, saying that the Lord had returned. At the time it all sounded reasonable to me, but then I thought about how in services the pastor would often say that we couldn’t listen to just any sermon, for fear of being misled. So I adopted the pastor’s policy of the “Three Don’ts”—don’t read, don’t listen, don’t contact. I turned that sister down. That’s how I let my first chance at the Lord’s salvation of the last days pass me by.

In 2015 I came to South Korea and someone from my hometown also shared the gospel of Almighty God’s work in the last days with me. She also gave me a book and told me that everything in it had been expressed by Almighty God and it was all the truth. She told me I should read it carefully, and she hoped I would look into it. Even though I felt that what she shared with me about God’s three stages of work was really novel and reasonable, in church services the pastor would often say that all of the Lord’s work and words was in the Bible, so anything outside of that was heresy. He said that we had to be very cautious so that we wouldn’t betray the Lord. I was concerned about misplacing my faith, so in order to determine whether the Lord really had returned, I gave that book to my pastor to have him act as the gatekeeper. But he just casually flipped through a few pages of it and then took it away from me. He also warned me, saying, “The words in this book are outside of the Bible. You can’t read this. You’re lacking in discernment, so that’s a sin; it’s betraying the Lord.” After hearing him say this I lacked the courage to investigate it, so I once again rejected Almighty God’s gospel of the kingdom.

Hearing the Gospel Again by God’s Grace

Once, I went hiking in the hills and made the acquaintance of a fellow believer. She invited me to church to listen to a sermon and said that I’d certainly reap some benefit from it. This aroused my curiosity, so I decided to go to church with her. Their interpretation of the Bible really was original; they fellowshiped on things such as the parable of the sower, the parable of the ten virgins, and what kind of person can get into the kingdom of heaven. Everything was new, and nothing I had ever heard before. The more I heard the more I wanted to hear. But when they started talking about the Bible verse “Therefore be you also ready: for in such an hour as you think not the Son of man comes” (Matthew 24:44) and said that when the Lord returns in the last days He’ll become flesh, appearing as the Son of man, I suddenly thought of what the pastor had said: “Don’t listen to anyone who says that the Lord Jesus has returned because what they’re preaching is outside the scope of the Bible, and anything outside the Bible is heresy.” I realized that they were most likely from The Church of Almighty God, so I immediately got my guard up and didn’t want to listen any longer. I made my excuses and left.

When I got home I continued to think about their fellowship. They had shared really clear fellowship on parables from the Bible, what kind of person can get into the kingdom of heaven, and more. They were enlightening things I had never heard before and I really wanted to hear more, but I was really concerned about going astray in my belief and betraying the Lord. I thought and I thought, and then shared my concerns with that sister. I also told her I didn’t want to go to their church anymore. She had this fellowship to share with me: “The Lord’s coming is a huge deal; it’s something we have to approach with caution. The Lord Jesus once said, ‘Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear My voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with Me’ (Revelation 3:20). When the Lord comes He will knock on the door for us. That is, He’ll have the gospel shared with us through other people, and if we don’t seek or investigate, if we don’t focus on listening for the Lord’s voice, when will we be able to welcome Him? We should have a heart of seeking regarding the second coming of the Lord. We can’t just blindly listen to what the pastor says and then miss out on the Lord’s coming! We should pray to the Lord and seek more; I believe that He will guide us to discern between true and false ways.” I felt that what she said was well-reasoned, and that if I rejected it without really looking into it and ended up missing the Lord’s second coming, wouldn’t it be the case that my regrets would come too late? I figured I should go again the following day.

So, I went back to The Church of Almighty God the next day where I was received warmly by the brothers and sisters. One brother played a video of a recitation of God’s words, Knowing the Three Stages of God’s Work Is the Path to Knowing God for me. Watching this was astonishing for me—it really clearly explained God’s 6,000-year management plan for saving mankind as well as His will to save mankind. It was something that no regular person could express. Only God Himself is able to open up the mysteries of God’s work; those words contained the truth and they seemed to be God’s voice. Shortly after that, that brother put on hymns in praise of God and dance videos by The Church of Almighty God. I was most deeply impacted by the choral video The Kingdom—the brothers and sisters in it were all bursting with energy and their eyes were blazing with strength. There was this unshakeable vigor emanating from deep within them in the performance that really deeply moved me, making me see The Church of Almighty God in a new light. I thought to myself, “I’ve heard the pastor say bad things about The Church of Almighty God in the past, but in my actual interactions with them I’ve found that not only can these brothers and sisters share fellowship on the Bible that contains light, but their performances are also really moving.” My guarded heart then relaxed a bit and I started attentively listening to their sermons. They later got a book out called God’s Sheep Hear the Voice of God and said that it contained new words spoken to the churches by the returned Lord. When I heard them say “the churches” my heart leapt, as it reminded me of this Bible verse: “He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches” (Revelation 2:7). I thought to myself, “Could it be that what they’re reading really is the word of God? Could it come from the Holy Spirit? Is Almighty God the return of the Lord Jesus? If He really is, I absolutely have to look into this.”

Where in the Bible Does It Say Jesus Will Return

Hindered Again, I Succumb to Indecisiveness

Three days after that my older sister invited me to go out shopping with her. I eagerly told her about my investigation into The Church of Almighty God and told her she should do the same. Hearing this, she immediately told me sternly, “All of God’s work and words are in the Bible. He absolutely would not do new work or utter new words outside of that, so anything outside of the Bible is heresy. If you believe in the wrong thing that’s a betrayal of the Lord, and then all these years of faith would be for nothing! Don’t look into it anymore.” Hearing her say this, I couldn’t help but once again think about what the pastor had told me before. I started to feel some hesitation. I did think that what the brother and sisters with The Church of Almighty God fellowshiped was really enlightening and didn’t seem to be heretical as the pastor had said, but it was true that Almighty God’s work and words were outside the scope of the Bible. So then what really was going on? I didn’t know if I should keep looking into it or not. I just could not make my mind up, and I sunk into a state of indecisiveness.

It just so happened that the brothers and sisters at The Church of Almighty God saw that I hadn’t been going to church over that period of time, so they sent me a lot of gospel films and words of God. They also urged me to watch the films and look for answers to anything I didn’t understand in God’s words. I watched a few of the films and read several passages of God’s words all in one go, and the more I watched, the more I felt that all these words are so right, so authoritative. I wanted to go look into whether the Lord really has returned or not, but I felt afraid of believing in the wrong thing. I was so upset that I was driven to tears; all I could do was urgently pray to the Lord, hoping that He would guide me to come back before Him.

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