My Six-year-old Grandson’s Survival From Car Accident

By Wangyi

“Hello? Is that auntie? Hurry and come to the Subsidiary Hospital. Your grandson has been hit by a big truck and is in a critical condition. He’s being treated right now! Hurry!”

This urgent phone call came as it was getting toward evening on 15th December 2011, almost seven years ago now. Every time I think of the road accident my little grandson was in, I still feel a lingering fear …

Seven Years Earlier …

After I hung up the phone that day, I was shaking all over and I immediately started to cry. I felt like a knife was being twisted in my heart, and it was almost unendurable. Thankfully my elder grandson was there to hold me or else I would have collapsed.

As I rushed to the hospital, I couldn’t stop imagining my grandson lying in a pool of blood, and I thought to myself: “My little grandson is only six years old. Can he survive being hit by a big truck? If anything should go wrong, what will I say to my son and daughter-in-law?”

Just as I was in pain, my elder grandson suddenly said to me in earnest: “Grandma, don’t cry. Let’s pray to God and entrust my brother into God’s hands, and ask God to protect him.” My elder grandson’s words served as a reminder to me. Yes, God is the wellspring of our lives and our destinies are all held in His hands. I should entrust my little grandson’s life to God. Thinking this, I said a prayer entrusting my grandson to God, and my heart grew a little calmer.

The Anxious Wait Outside the Emergency Room

she is a chrsitian, her grandson had a car accident, the doctor told her the situation of her grandson.

At 9 pm that evening, my relatives and I rushed to the hospital. The doctor told me that my grandson’s heart was functioning normally, and that he would notify me when there was any further news. He asked us to wait patiently outside the emergency room.

Time crawled slowly by, second by second, minute by minute, and outside it began to rain gently, the raindrops pitter-pattering down. At that moment, my husband was so worried that he broke down and cried. Seeing him like that pained me and I also began to sob. But then I suddenly remembered that I was a Christian, and I quickly prayed to God: “O God! My grandson has been in a road accident and I am now in great pain and I feel very weak. I don’t know how to get through it, and I ask You to lead and guide me.”

After praying, I thought of God’s words, “The fate of man is controlled by the hands of God. You are incapable of controlling yourself. … If you could know your own prospects, if you could control your own fate, would you still be a creature?” Yes, God created all things and He created mankind. The destinies of all things, the destinies of man, as well as life, death, illness, old age and good fortune and good health are all predestined and dominated by God, and no human being may control or change them. My little grandson was being treated in the emergency room and I was unable to predict or change how things would develop. All of this was under God’s control, and right now all I could do was to entrust my grandson into God’s hands. Thinking this, my restless heart once again regained its calm.

How My Grandson Came to Be Hit

Several hours later, through his tears, my husband recounted to me how our grandson had come to be in a road accident …

At the time, my husband was walking along holding our grandson’s hand, when suddenly he let go of his grandpa’s hand and ran straight out into the road. An twelve-wheeler heavy goods vehicle just happened to be driving along and my grandson was knocked over ten meters through the air. His little face, mouth and nose were covered in blood, and his cotton-padded clothes were all soaked in it. One of his little wellington boots was filled with blood too. Hearing this, I felt so terribly sad, my tears fell like a broken necklace of pearls. I never realized my grandson had been hit so badly—was he in danger of losing his life? He was so small …

In my pain, God’s words came to enlighten me once again: “Who of the whole of mankind is not cared for in the eyes of the Almighty? Who does not live in the midst of the Almighty’s predestination? Whose birth and death come from their own choices? Does man control his own fate?” God’s words made me ashamed of myself; I really did have such little faith in God. People from all walks of life, believers and non-believers, from presidents to common people, every single person is in God’s hands. How long my little grandson would live was also predestined by God, and if he was fortunate enough to pull through this time, that would show that his time had not yet come, and I should thank God for His protection; but if he was not fortunate this time, I should just obey. Coming to this realization, I lowered my head and prayed silently to God: “O God! I have such little faith in You, and I wish to entrust my grandson into Your hands again. Whether he wakes up or not, I am willing to submit to Your sovereignty.” After I’d prayed that way, my heart became filled with faith for God and I felt incredibly at ease.

The Miracle Occurs

The next day, my grandson still had not woken up. My husband said nothing and ate nothing all day, and he said to me as he wept: “If our grandson doesn’t wake up, we should throw ourselves off a building and die with him.” Hearing him say this, I felt so pained. Then I thought of God’s words: “I am your strong tower, I am your shelter, I am your backup, and moreover I am your Almighty One, and I am your everything! Everything is in My hands….” God’s words gave me faith—God is my strong tower, my backup, my support, and with my grandson in His hands, I had nothing to fear. Thinking this, I tried hard to comfort my husband, saying, “Don’t do anything stupid. Will throwing ourselves off a building save our grandson? Whether he lives or dies is in God’s hands. Just calm your heart and submit to God’s orchestrations and arrangements.” After hearing me say this, my husband said no more.

On the third day, my little grandson miraculously woke up! We were so happy, we were all smiling through our tears, and we kept thanking God in our hearts! The doctor wanted to test how clear our grandson’s awareness was, and pointing at me and my husband, he asked him: “Who are these two people?” Our grandson looked at us and, blinking his eyes, he said in a clear voice, “One is my grandma and one is my grandpa.” Hearing him speak so lucidly, everyone present laughed in their excitement, and the doctor said to me in amazement: “Well, your grandson really is a very lucky boy! He was hit so badly that for him to wake up after only three days and for his mind to be this lucid, it’s a miracle! It really is a miracle!” I kept nodding my head, and I couldn’t stop from weeping tears of gratitude.

On the seventh day since the accident, my grandson left the intensive care unit. The doctor said to us, “To be honest, your grandson really has been very lucky. Others in a less severe condition than him have only come out of intensive care after ten days. Your grandson is only six and was hurt so badly, to come out of intensive care after only seven days shows that he’s getting better really quickly! I never thought I’d see it.” Other people around also said, “It’s God’s blessing!” And I said, “Yes, this is indeed God’s blessing!”

My Grandson Leaves Hospital

The day he was discharged from the hospital, my grandson waved to the nurse and jokingly said, “Bye bye auntie! I won’t be coming back here again.” Seeing him so lively after being hit so badly by the truck, without any trace of ever having been in an accident, I was truly so thankful to God!

After we got home, my neighbors saw that my grandson had been discharged from hospital so quickly, and one by one they said to me, “Your belief in God has really paid off. Three people have died at the place where your grandson was hit. I think were it not for your God’s protection, who could say whether your grandson would have pulled through or not!” And some people said, “Your grandson is so lucky! You should really be thankful to your God!” Hearing them say these things, I nodded, and I kept thanking God in my heart!

After experiencing this event, I came to have some knowledge of God’s almightiness and sovereignty, and my faith in God was greatly increased. Now with God as my backup, I feel so at ease and peaceful. For the rest of my life, I wish only to do as much as I can to repay God’s love!

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