Morning Dew—A Daily Devotional App

We’ve developed the Morning Dew app to provide our brothers and sisters in the Lord with a better platform for devotionals. It not only has handpicked devotional plans and a variety of devotional essays, but there are also beautiful songs of praise and soothing devotional music. Rich spiritual resources help you to both enjoy life sustenance from God at any time and resolve your difficulties and confusions in your faith and life.

Morning Dew is a no-cost, ad-free app full of rich spiritual resources for your devotionals. It’s there for your growth in life every single day!

Morning Dew App

Morning Dew App

Morning Dew—A Daily Devotional App

Choice devotional plans feature a variety of topics such as select Bible readings, the gospel of the kingdom of heaven, knowing God, faith and life so you can maintain direction in your devotionals.

Reflections on the devotionals share understandings of the Scripture, helping you deepen your Bible study and understand God’s will.

New resources like essays, videos, and devotional plans are being added all the time to bring you a rich devotional experience.

Beautiful, soothing devotional music helps you quiet your heart before God and grow closer to Him.

Under My Plans you can find Plans in Progress, Completed Plans, and Saved Plans to more easily plan your devotional life.

Set reminders for devotionals to give you an alert when it’s time to start your daily devotionals.

Create notebooks where you can record what you’ve learned and experienced in your devotionals plus use a variety of features to organize your notes however you like.