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Search No More

Search No More

Zhuang Hong


When I was young and ignorant,

there were so many puzzles in my mind:

Why does man come into this world and then pass away?

Why can one never endure the pain of parting forever instead of another one?

What makes the birds flying in the air carefree?

Why do the geese so regularly depart in this winter and still return in the next spring?

How come the homing pigeons are capable of delivering messages between different sites?

I thought about the chicken-and-egg question, which was equally baffling;

I racked my brains over a rainbow after the rain time after time;

Why were there so many mysteries that could never be revealed by humanity?

Unceasingly, I searched and searched.


As I grew older,

atheism gradually took root in my heart,

the theory of evolution told me all things formed and moved on their own,

and those great, famous people taught me to strive to excel.

So, I followed trends, worked earnestly, and struggled in pain.

However, I could not find a foothold in this society full of swindles,

nor a genuine confidant in this world brimming with deception and fraud.

The setbacks in career, the abandonment of family and friends …

so many frustrations in life.

The fickleness in the world and the depravity of man’s heart perplexed and confused me.

How should I continue this bitter life?

Anxiously, I searched and searched.


By happenstance,

my friend gave me a book—The Word Appears in the Flesh.

He said, it holds the truth, the way, and the life.

With curiosity, I dusted off my confusions,

and opened the book …

These words unveil the mystery of God’s six-thousand-year management plan;

These words illuminate the value and meaning of human life;

These words are full of God’s eager desire to save mankind.

Holding this book of God’s word, I reminisced about my childhood;

Holding this book of God’s word, I reflected on my suffering in adulthood:

only to discover what I’d been desperately searching for was God.

At that point, I was moved by God’s love, tears pouring down my face.


Starting from then, I pondered Almighty God’s words carefully.

I learned that God created all things and set down the laws for their existence and movements,

that man is only a creature, a free-floating body,

that it is God’s provision of life

that enables man to live and multiply,

that there is no denying that human fate is subject to God’s sovereignty,

that man falls into emptiness and distress as the very result of Satan’s harm,

and that God comes among man to bestow upon us the truth for our purification.

God’s words awakened me from the fog;

I gradually kept away from the worldly strife, fame and fortune,

and realized the value and meaning of man’s existence lie in worshiping God.


To repay God’s great love and salvation,

I’ve been performing my duty as a creature.

I exalt and bear testimony to God with the brothers and sisters,

having God’s words as our weapon to defeat Satan.

We preach God’s kingdom gospel of one heart and mind,

and offer up everything regardless of the cost.

Almighty God is the truth, the way, and the life.

I’ve found my only One in this life.

From now on, I will search no more.


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