Believe in God

What Is the True Meaning of Believing in God? God Says …

What is truly believing in God? Are those who acknowledge God and work for the Lord true believers in God? God’s word will give you the correct answers.

Gospel Movie Clip "The Bible and God" (4): What’s the Relationship Between the Bible and God?

Over two thousand years, the Lord’s followers have believed in Him according to the Bible. Therefore, many people believe “the Bible represents the Lord, belief in the Lord means belief in the B…

Does Believing in the Lord Means to Believe in the Bible

A heated debate tells you whether believing in the Lord means to believe in the Bible and the relationship between the Bible and God.

John 8:31-32 - Believe in God

Today's Bible Verses is John 8:31-32.From Jesus’ words, we can see that those who truly believe in God can continue in His word and take Jesus’ words as behavioral principles in their real life. Those who can gain the truth as their life are true Christians.

Do You Know the Deeper Meanings of the Lord Jesus’ Resurrection?

By Miaoxiao In Scripture, it is written about the Lord Jesus’ resurrection: “In the end of the sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week, came Mary Magdalene and the other Mar…

Getting Out of the Trouble Needs to Cooperate With God

How to obtain God’s leading when you’re in troubles? My experience: cooperating with God is very important.

Christian Movie "From the Jaws of Death": A True Christian Story

 Liu Zhen, 78 years old, is a typical rural housewife. After believing in God, she felt unparalleled joy from reading His words and singing songs of praise to Him every day, and frequently gatheri…

How Can Christians Gain the Eternal Blessings?

In the past, I always thought that as long as believers in God could hold fast to external good deeds, spend for the Lord zealously, and suffer and pay the price to preach and work everywhere for the …

There Is a Love That Is Called Pain

There is a love that is called pain. Perhaps you are competent, but you are always serving others, while someone else who is very cowardly has been taken care of. You may have experienced many hard…

New Gospel Movie "The Bible and God": Life is From the Bible or From God

Liu Zhizhong is an elder of a house church in China. Over thirty years of belief in the Lord, he had always clung to the views, “All scripture is given by inspiration of God,” and “The Bible r…


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