Beware of Antichrists

How to Distinguish Between the True Christ and False Christs

If we wish to welcome the second coming of Jesus, and not be deceived by false Christs or false prophets, then we must know how to distinguish between the true Christ and false Christs.

A Christian’s Diary - How to Distinguish the True Christ From the False Ones

The Lord admonished us that false Christs would appear in the last days to deceive people. So how should we do to effectively beware of false Christs and welcome the true Christ?

3 Ways to Discern the True Christ From False Christs

Knowing 3 ways to discern the true Christ from false ones, we can avoid being deceived by the false Christs in the last days and won’t miss out on the opportunity of the appearance of Christ.

Do You Grasp How to Distinguish the True Christ From the False Ones?

Are you still worried about being deceived by false Christs and then missing the chance to be raptured by the Lord? This article provides you the way to distinguish the true Christ from the false ones.


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