Cause of Church’s Desolation

Walk Out of Desolate Church, Regain the Holy Spirit’s Work

Thank God that He heard my prayers, and guided me to walk out of the desolate church and regain the Holy Spirit’s work.

Preacher’s Confusion: What to Do When Believers’ Faith Feels Cold?

The brothers and sisters become cold in faith, but the preacher Xunguang has nothing to preach. Through writing a letter to seek help, he finally found the reason.

It Was God Who Guided Me From the Wilderness to Canaan

My church has lost the work of the Holy Spirit. When I sought and investigated, God guided me from the wilderness to Canaan.

Yearn for the Lord Coming With Clouds, Finally Meet With Him

When we still yearn for the Lord’s coming with clouds to raise us up into the kingdom of heaven, she has already welcomed the second coming of Jesus.

A Catholic’s Testimony: I Regained the Joy of Being With God Finally!

The church once prospered are desolate, I felt hungry and pain in my spirit. However, a bible study made my spiritual life turn for the better, and helped me regain the joy of being with God.

Best Christian Video “Dawn Light”

As a child, Yangwang followed her parents in their faith in the Lord, and as an adult she served the Lord in the church. In 2013, her church joined the World Council of Churches, which advocates uni…

I Found the Root Cause of the Church’s Desolation

The lawlessness in the church confused me, meetings gave me no new light. Why is the church getting increasingly desolate? I found the root cause in a fellowship online.