Child Education

9 Bible Verses About Teaching Children—Helping Children Grow in Christ

9 selected Bible verses guide us to teach our children according to the Bible and grow in Christ together with our children.

24 Bible Verses About Family Help You Get Along Better With Your Family

Every one of us yearns for family harmony, but why don’t things go our way in real life? We selected 24 Bible verses about family to help you get along better with your family and maintain happiness in the family.

Christian Life: Change Education Methods and Be a Caring Mom

After I changed my education methods to teach my daughter—no longer putting a lot of pressure on her, I am feeling closer and closer to my daughter and become a genuinely caring mom.

What to Do When the Child Gets Sick Suddenly? - Christian Experience

By Manyi, CanadaI was fast asleep one night, when I heard the cry of my four-year-old son, while I was in a daze from my waking. I gave him a few gentle taps and then he calmed down. But before …

The Experience of a Thirteen-Year-Old Christian - Return to God

By Haohao, Australia I remember, in my childhood, I was very obedient to my mom and was quite diligent. Especially when I went to my maternal grandma’s home and saw her squatting down and doing the…

Child, Please Say Goodbye to Video Games

This is a story about a mother and her son. The mother tried many ways to help her son get rid of the control of video games for his healthy growth, but all these ways are in vain. In modern society…

Bible Verses About Children - Learn to Educate Children

16 Classic Bible verses about educating children can help you get along with your children and educate them well.Bible Verses About Children - Learn to Educate Children 1. Train up a child in the…


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