Christian Praise Songs

Praise Hymn “God Hopes That Mankind Can Continue to Live”

When humanity was filled with filth, disobeyed to an extent, God had to destroy them due to His principles and essence. God despised man, for they opposed Him. But when He destroyed them, His he…

English Gospel Song “God Brings Mankind Into the Light”

Verse 1 God incarnate comes to do His work. He humbly hides Himself among man, expressing the truth and judging them, bringing the way to eternal life. His words are truth, conquer the hearts o…

English Christian Devotional Song “Peter Knew God Best”

Peter was faithful to God for years, yet he never had a complaining heart. Even Job was not his equal, much less saints throughout the ages. He not only sought to know God, but to know Him when…

Christian Devotional Music Video “We Can't Stop Singing Songs of Love for God”

Chorus We can’t stop singing songs of love for God. The more we sing, the sweeter the feeling. The more that we sing for God, the more that we love Him! Verse 1 We sing of God’s incarnation…

Christian Song “May You Always Stay in My Heart” (Lyrics)

Verse 1 You stay with me through spring and fall, walk with me through heat and cold. Seeing Your lonely countenance, my heart wells up with much woe. Verse 2 I’ve never known Your solitude, neve…

Devotional Song “Quieting Myself Before God”

Verse 1 I quiet myself before God, pray and bare my heart to Him. I simply and honestly open up, speak from the heart. I hand my difficulties and shortcomings over to God and look to Him. May God e…

Christian Praise Song “We Are Fortunate to Meet With God’s Coming”

We are fortunate to meet with God’s coming, we hear His voice. We are fortunate to meet with God’s coming, we attend the feast of the Lamb. We know the incarnate Almighty God, we see His won…

Gospel Choir Song “Kingdom Anthem: The Kingdom Descends Upon the World”

The stirring kingdom anthem has rung out, announcing God's arrival among man to the whole universe! The kingdom of God has come! All people cheer, all things rejoice! Everything throughout the heave…

2019 English Christian Song “Turn Your Heart Fully to God to Be Able to Love Him”

Verse 1 When everything you pursue in your heart is for loving and gaining God, you’ve turned your heart to Him. You don’t think of the future, of what’s ahead. There’s nothing else in your …

2019 Christian Music “All the Way in Your Company”: Thank God for Leading Me

I was like a boat, adrift on the sea. You chose me, and to a haven You led me. Now in Your family, warmed by Your love, I am all at peace. You bless me, give Your words of judgment.

2019 Christian Dance “Praise for New Life in the Kingdom”: God’s People Praise God

We’ve heard God’s voice and returned to His house.In gatherings we eat and drink God’s words, we’re attending the banquet.We bid farewell to our sorrows and entanglements, we’re leading a new life.

Kids Dance Song "The Son of Man Has Appeared": The Lord Jesus Has Returned to the World

From the world’s East, a ray of light issues forth, illuminating all the way to the west. The Son of man has descended to earth.


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