Christmas Devotional

John 3:16 - God's Love

Today’s Bible Verse is John 3:16 about eternal life. From this Bible verse, we can see God’s love for mankind and His promise to those who believe in Him.

On Christmas Days, Do We Still Remember the Lord Jesus’ Love For Man?

On Christmas days, do we still remember the Lord Jesus’ love for man while having a good time? John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believ…

Bible Verses About Christmas

The Lord Jesus is filled with love and compassion for mankind. For the sake of man’s salvation, He was willing to became flesh as the Son of man and serve as a sin offering for humanity in this worl…

God’s Promise to the Israelites

In the year of our Lord, a male child was born in a manger in a Jewish inn in Bethlehem. This child was the One promised by God, who would lead and redeem the Israelites from the law.

New Christian Song 2018 "The Incarnate God Leads Mankind Into a New Era"

The incarnate God, He brings to an end the age when only Jehovah's back was seen. He also concludes the age of belief when in vagueness God was perceived...

Is Celebrating Christmas God’s Demand of Man? - Knowing God's Will

By Xiaoqi The snow was very heavy during the Christmas that year. After a period of hard work, we brothers and sisters in the choir finally took first place in the town’s choir competition. At the …

Who Will We Worship in Christmas? - Knowing God's Will

This Christmas is of extraordinary significance for Liu Qiming. Because he receives a special present. On Christmas Day, there is no empty seat available in the church. Brothers and sisters are eng…


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