Daily Devotionals for Men

Christian English Movie "Salvation": What Is Being Saved? What Is True Salvation?

What is salvation? Christians think that if they pray to the Lord, confess their sins, and repent, they will be granted salvation. But is salvation really that simple?

How Can Christian Harmony Be Achieved in the Service of God?

Only if we serve God with one heart and mind can we obtain the guidance of the Holy Spirit. How can Christians achieve harmonious coordination in the service of God? This article provides 3 principles for you.

What’s the Great White Throne Judgment? How Will It Be Done?

God expresses the truth and does the work of judgment beginning at the house of God on a group of chosen people. This is the real meaning of the great white throne judgment prophesied in Revelation.

Grasping 2 Principles Helps You Find the True Church

The faith of the believers has grown cold. Many true believers are searching for the true church. Here are 2 principles of differentiating between the true church and false ones: First, see whether the church has the Holy Spirit’s work ...

What Is True Faith in God? Not Just Work for the Lord

Do we only need to read the Bible and pray to God for faith in God? God says no. What is true faith in God? Read this article to gain new knowledge of faith in God.

What Is the Meaning of Rapture? Why Is Rapture in the Air Wrong?

Rapture in the air is not in accordance with Jesus’ words. What is the meaning of rapture? Through fellowship, she understood that the true meaning of rapture is to follow God’s footsteps.

How to Break Free From Sin and Be Cleansed?

We have not been cleansed even though we accepted Jesus’ redemption. How can we break free from sin and be cleansed? We must accept God’s judgment work in the last days.

How Should Parents and Children Get Along With Each Other

How should parents do when they cannot get along well with children? This article teaches you an effective secret.


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