Daily Devotionals for Youth

She Finally Quit a Game Addiction That Had Been Ruining Her For 23 Years

Her video game addiction kept her bound for 23 years and almost ruined her life. Read this article now to learn about how she quit playing video games.

The Key to Managing to Attend the Wedding Feast of the Lamb

Every true believer in the Lord hopes to attend the wedding feast of the Lamb. So what is the key for the wise virgins to attend the feast? Please read this article for details.

How Will the Lord Appear to Man When He Comes Again?

Over the centuries since the Lord Jesus resurrected and ascended to heaven, we believers have yearned eagerly for Jesus the Savior's return. Most people believe that it will be the spiritual body of…

How to Resist Temptation? Here Are 2 Effective Ways

How come we can’t resist the temptation of society’s evil trends? 2 ways teach you to overcome temptation and not to live in sin.

4 Principles - How to Get Along With Others

By Shicheng As a Christian, we all know that we should live out normal humanity. When interacting with brothers and sisters, we should love each other, understand, forbear and forgive each other, and…

Best Christian Family Movie "Where Is My Home"

Wenya genuinely experienced the love and mercy of God; she finally felt the warmth of a home, and came into a true home. …

4 Principles by Which We Christians Easily Interact With Others

Do you want to have normal interpersonal relationships with others in real life? Four principles in this article help you easily get along with others.

11 Years Later, I Let Go of My Resentment Toward Mother Finally

When she was 11, her mother betrayed her father, and also abandoned her. Since then she hated her mother. It was God’s words that guided her not to bear a grudge against her mother and to be truly liberated and free.

Christian Testimony: God’s Words Help Her Overcome Jealousy

Because of jealousy, she couldn’t get along with her deskmate. But God’s words helped her overcome jealousy.

Child, Come Back Home

Li Xinguang is a senior high school student. He had been a sensible and well-behaved boy since he was little. His parents and his teachers were very fond of him. While going to middle school, he bec…

How to Root Out Causes of Prejudice Toward Others

When we cannot get along with brothers or sisters, how to root out the causes of our prejudice toward others?


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