Faith in God

What Is True Faith in God? How Can We Build True Faith in God?

As a Christian, do you have true faith in God? This article will help you build true faith in God from 3 aspects.

2 Bible Stories to Help You Keep Faith in God During Hard Times

Keeping faith in God during hard times can be very difficult. But the inspiration from these 2 Bible stories in the article may help. Read here.

Christian Movie “It’s Good to Believe in God”: How My Life Changed

Watch this Christian movie of 2019 “It’s Good to Believe in God” to see how her life changed. In this movie, you will know why money can’t buy happiness and the source of mankind’s suffering.

Encouraging Bible Verses to Lift Your Spirit in Hard Times

When you are suffering, we hope that these encouraging Bible verses can strengthen your faith and power, and help you get closer to God in hard times.

15 Bible Verses About Faith Help You Keep Your Faith in God in Trying Times

What should we do when we lose faith in trying times? Read these 15 Bible verses about faith, which will strengthen your faith in God and help you build a normal relationship with God.

10 Bible Verses About Strength to Strengthen Your Faith in Hard Times

What should we do if we are negative and weak when encountering predicaments and difficulties? Read these 15 Bible verses about strength, which can strengthen your faith and power and help you get closer to God.

Experience of My Child Being Twice Critically Ill and Finally Out of Danger

My child was twice critically ill and was out of danger finally. This was indeed God’s salvation.

How Can Christians Keep Faith in God in Setbacks?

Christians often lose faith in God in setbacks. This article says that there’s God’s salvation in setbacks, which will help you revive your faith in God.

Matthew 17:20 - Faith in God

Today’s Bible Verse is Matthew 17:20 about Faith in God. From this Bible verse, we see the Lord Jesus taught us that we should have faith in the Lord.

The Necessary Truth on the Bible Christians Must Understand - Bible Study

By Liu Xin Like most of the brothers and sisters in the Lord, I have read the Bible over and over again all these years. Gradually, I fell in love with the Bible. Reading the Bible, memorizing the Bi…

It Is Important to Know the Relationship Between the Bible and God! - Bible Study

By Wang Xin Before I moved to the north, the preacher held my hand and said, “Now is the last days. No matter who spreads gospel to you, don’t believe it if it’s different from our faith.…

Gospel Movie Clip "Faith in God" (2): Is the Way Condemned by the CCP and Religious Circles Not the True Way?

Many people seek and investigate the true way without basing these actions on the words and work of God. Instead, they follow the trends of the religious world and they believe that which the Chines…


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